Color scheme and color therapy in home decor

color therapy home color scheme
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Colors characterize everything we see and affect our mood and our perception of the object itself. They are able to relax or ‘fool’. Each of them emits a certain vibration and makes us feel a feeling. The chromotherapy study is also based on this. Their combinations are also important, and it is useful to choose a color scheme in each environment.

Interior color scheme: the combinations

For the design of the color compositions to be inserted in the space of the home, there are real color studies and references, which serve to make the combination of the different colors comfortable as well as to enhance the interior.

From the main color schemes that can be selected and used in interior design to create different effects, you can choose one:

  • monochrome: indicates a color scheme based on different declensions of the same color. It usually plays on neutral compositions, and it is a choice that serves to harmonize the various unstructured environments on a regular basis; in addition, they make the area very elegant and refined. The result is a great uniformity between furniture and surfaces, a feeling of cleanliness and order and a very pleasant overall aesthetic effect.
  • Harmonious: refers to the colors placed side by side on the color wheel. Usually a dominant and main color is chosen, to which the side shades of your choice are placed side by side, which should serve to cover the details, as a color accent and which acts as a contrast and support for the dominant shade.
  • Complementary: on the color wheel are the shades that are opposite each other. As the name suggests, they complement each other. Specifically, the primary colors and their complementaries are:

– yellow / purple;

– red / green;

– blue / orange.

To balance the complementaries and harmonize them in the interior, a lot of attention and ability to calibrate the color saturations and intensity is needed.

Chromotherapy: the effect of colors on the psyche

Chromotherapy is one of the disciplines of alternative medicine, which focuses on the effect of different colors on ourselves, our body and above all on our mood.

It is known that some colors are more relaxing than others, which instead have an activating and energizing power. Not surprisingly, the interior walls of the various professional health offices, hospitals and kindergartens are decorated with different colors in each area, desaturated and made more neutral.

Colors and their effects:

  • green: calms and gives serenity;
  • light blue and blue: the colors of the sky and the sea, soothing and calming;
  • red: excites and awakens;
  • yellow: provides joy and security;
  • orange: activates and increases appetite;
  • neutral: white is purity and pure, gray, security.

In each of the house’s destination rooms, some colors and combinations are more suitable than others:

  • entrance: neutral colors are best for a sense of harmony and tranquility at the entrance of the house. Gray, cream, beige or taupe, all are fine;
  • Stay o living room: the most inviting environment in the house; here too neutrals are always welcome. You can not go wrong with white, which makes the area even bigger and brighter, as well as clean and tidy. Natural colors in the forest and green in the plants, to complete the whole;
  • kitchen: for a touch of color, choose those that whet the appetite and increase coziness during meals, so that it focuses on yellow and orange, but also red. Better if not completely saturated. To avoid relaxing shades;
  • bathroom: calm and relaxing environment here, in addition to neutral shades, blue – water green shades are recommended;
  • Bedroom: where you rest, relaxing and sleep-enhancing shades are added. Indicated are the shades of blue, green, purple and pink, which have soothing properties;
  • home work: Whether it’s a real studio or a corner created ad hoc at home, you need concentration, and to encourage that, you can choose shades of red to be active, but also of green to calm and concentrate.

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