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Among the Pontine hills stands a village with picturesque contours, immersed in the greenery of an equally enchanting landscape. Collalto Sabino is a village which has a past rich in history behind it, but which still preserves the entire historical and natural heritage that has made it popular in the eyes of visitors. This little center of 391 inhabitants it is actually one 1000 altitude meters and is inserted in Monte Cervia and Monte Navegna Regional Park. In fact, lakes, gorges and streams surround one of them most beautiful villages in Italy while the perfume and the intense colors of the forest accompany the visits of the tourists who populate the historic center every year.

If you are a nature lover but do not want to give up the joys of art, Collalto Sabino is definitely the destination for you.

What to visit in Collalto Sabino?

Tourists arriving at Collalto Sabino are immediately immersed in a network of narrow streets and stairs that go in all directions. The city has its roots in pre-Roman times, but fully assumes the shape of a medieval village. You can start your itinerary from kl octagonal fountain which we find in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. From here you can also admire all the majesty Baron Slot, a true jewel of Collalto Sabino. There walls preserves its originality and surrounds the village with its stone houses. Nearby you can also see Latin palaces, always built in the Middle Ages. The visit to the village continues to discover as well Church of Santa Lucia, from the Roman period, within which a precious fresco from the sixteenth century is preserved. Finally, just outside the city, it stands Santa Maria Monastery and the remains of the village of Montagliano.

The Baronic Castle

The Baronial Castle represents the main monument of the village par excellence. It is possible to admire it in all its beauty by allowing yourself a visit among the bays of the structure. There fortress annex is divided into a square tower, while inside the castle is a large park with an old well. Also at the top you can enjoy a breathtaking view. In fact, you will be able to see the tops off Monte Velino and Gran Sasso on the clearest days.

What to eat in Collalto Sabino: typical products and dishes

The typical kitchen of Collalto Sabino welcomes an extremely varied container and is therefore able to satisfy even the most delicate palates. In addition, most vegetables, cheeses and sausages are zero-kilometers and follow a biological production cycle. Can not miss the table Polenta and spianatorausually accompanied by pork ribs. Always talk about first courses, they are a valid alternative, ie frascarelli with sys, a bad traditional dish based on rice and pork. There bean soup and soup with fasoi instead, they are the dishes that are usually eaten in the colder months. As for the main courses, it is worth mentioning wild boar sausage. Finally, you can enjoy an endless menu of sweets, starting with nociata up to snaketo pangialle and at pastel with knuckles.

Events and celebrations in Collalto Sabino

The events organized in Collalto Sabino are strongly associated with patronage celebrations and religious ceremonies. However, there is no shortage of the folkloric and picturesque aspect that excites the citizens and makes these apartments a tumult of pleasures. In June Sant’Antonios fest while in early September San Gregorios fest. In March and October, respectively, there processions dedicated to Madonna dell’Annunziata and Madonna Addolorata. Finally the event “Santa’s country“stimulates the interest of tourists who come to visit the village in the month of December Christmas markets and the tasting stands that fill the main square in winter.

How to get to Collalto Sabino

  • car: Take the A1 motorway towards Rome until the junction for the A24, towards Rieti. Then take the SS 4 and follow the signs for Collalto Sabino.
  • train: the nearest station is Carsoli and is 10 km away. Once you get off the train, you can take the Cotral bus to get to your destination.
  • fly: Rome Ciampino Airport is 74 km away and is closest to the village. By renting a car you can get to the city in less than an hour.

Lives in Collalto Sabino

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