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That 76.8% of the Italians would like to make major changes in the house they live in. Interviewed by Tecnoborsa, that 70.4% declares that he wishes to change the distribution of the interior spaces, 6.4% really wanting to move elsewhere and, interesting to see, more than 50% of these would move home to get a private garden.

For all people who feel that they fall into one of these categories, Bruno Editore today relaunches the book of Cinzia Valente “GOLDEN DESIGN. Theory and practice of universal beauty: the order and harmony of nature in everyday life ”(Bruno Editore). Between the pages, the author shares with readers how to ensure that your home is harmonious, in resonance with nature and with those who live there.

“These numbers are easy to understand,” he says Cinzia Valente, author of the book “In the last two years we have had the opportunity to assess our home well. Whole days without leaving the house made us feel like our nest it is not quite the relaxing and inviting oasis that it seemed to us. “

According to the author, this dissatisfaction is given by the forced removal from all the natural. “How else would you explain this restlessness in always looking for something better?” asks the author “Despite everything we decorate our house, there are all our things and our comforts. What is it that drives us to frequently change the distribution of furniture, colors, details and even residence?

“If we feel this dissatisfaction, we will probably realize that there is something wrong with our home, even though we do not know what,” he urges. Giacomo Brunoeditor of the book “This suggests to us that our healthy and vital conception of nature is still active; it is a feeling to which we should listen more carefully, and Cinzia explains in her book how to do it”.

Modern buildings do not look like humans or their natural habitat at all. Although created by men, they are not suitable for humans. Modern houses now look like more foreign buildings, extra terrestrial, they speak a different language. I am not in harmony with the harmony and beauty of the planet. By careful comparison, their rigid and angular shapes, cold and artificial materials, completely different from what is native to Earth, will immediately catch the eye.

“We are the only living being on the planet who has managed to achieve something that has nothing to do with the planet (and pretends to be fine with it)” the author concludes “As living and natural beings we recognize the universal language in golden proportions. Every part of our body is in harmony with the adjacent part and with the whole organism, as in every living being; in fact, we easily fall in love with a plant, an animal, a landscape. Because they represent the universal and functional beauty that we are all capable of recognizing and even inherent in our DNA “.

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Cinzia Valente since 1973. Multifaceted creative, cultivates dreams and eats seeds. Always engaged in luminous projects that can transform something into something better. Constant in evolutionary suspense (the only repetitive things he thinks about are breakfast in the morning and a goodnight kiss). He believes in collaboration, in functional symbiosis and loves the beauty he finds in a gesture, in an object, in a flower, and with this book he will grow. He studied herbal medicine, architecture, bioenergetics, consulting, problem solving, and anything that could serve what he considers the earthly experience: to participate in the luminous evolution of humanity. This orientation allows her to see and express the golden proportion of naturalness and enthusiasm since 1995. Website:

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