ASL Roma 3 celebrates International Midwives’ Day

ASL Roma 3 celebrates International Midwives’ Day

Ostia: on the occasion of International Midwives’ Day ASL Roma 3, with the protection of the Order of the Midwives in Rome, today arranged an important meeting and discussion event in the courtyard of Casa della Salute of Ostia.

Asl Roma 3 and the future of the midwifery profession: “Our midwives are increasingly active in specialist areas and home care”

Today, May 5, the International Day of the Midwifeobserved in more than 50 countries around the world and celebrated for the first time in 1991, ASL Roma 3 organized, in the courtyard of the Casa della Salute in the Lido di Ostia.
The event, an initiative that enabled obstetricians in the hospital and the territoryflanked by young students and future professionals in the sector, to describe in detail the services offered to womenhelp in all phases of their lives.

The ideal way to celebrate a basic profession that is well over a century oldand which has constantly evolved over its long journey, far beyond the activity of helping pregnancies and the post-partum phase, and which today plays a primary role in supporting women in all stages of life, from adolescence to puberty up to menopause .

Ostia: ASL Roma 3 celebrates the International Day of Midwives 1

“This day – say Rita Gentile, Director of the Obstetrics Professions at ASL Roma 3is dedicated to promoting the figure of the midwife in her own 100 years of progressis the development that this profession has had in the last century, underlined where the competencies of assistance and care have been significantly strengthened. They range from sexual and reproductive health to all stages of a woman’s life. We must not forget that we have managed to reach and achieve leadership roles, also conquered the world of research. In the collective imagination, the midwife is the one who gives birth to children, but in reality is a figure who places herself with women and makes them aware of their potential and protagonists in the birth event. “.

The event as a whole yielded unexpected results in terms of participation despite the adverse weather conditions, e.g. who today braved a bit of rain to go to the gazebo set up by the General Direction of ASL Roma 3, received as a “prize” the opportunity to benefit from the precious advice and help of the midwives present, who, together with university students, best managed to describe the reality and the activities introduced in the area.

Activities that also respond to extremely current needs, such as assistance to pregnant women from Ukrainea, received and supported throughout the pregnancy, which is provided with treatments and tests such as ultrasound and specific analyzes.

At Grassi and in the local consultants trainees in Sant’Andrea

For the midwives in ASL Roma 3, the future will be marked by the desire to be central in the local area, hospital and university. ASL Roma 3 has in fact signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Rome La Sapienza, which will allow students at Sant’Andrea Hospital to take an internship at Grassi di Ostia as well as in the local consultants.

Also an agreement is being planned with the Santa Bakhita Reception Center with the aim of welcoming immigrant women through a facilitated route divided into three phases: pregnancy, hospitalization for childbirth and postpartum.

The common goal – says Dr. Gentile – is to build a network of paths with hospitals and with the territory, but also with neighboring associations such as family homes, shelters for women victims of violence. The midwife has the common goal of all the professionals who work closely with us to support the bio-psycho-social well-being of women, newborns and families. The midwives in ASL Roma 3 will in the near future be present and active in various special areas, such as pelvic floor rehabilitation or home care, with the midwife going to assist a woman who has just given birth. and have difficulty breastfeeding. I am proud of our group, they are all very attentive and dedicated to their profession“. is on Google News:
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