Ancient Fashion Week, Muro Leccese For A Week Home Of Ancient Fashion

LECCESE WALL – Muro Leccesefrom 16 to 20 May, will be home to the fashion of the ancient world. For a week, the focus will be on the tastes, fabrics and fashion of our ancestors. L ‘Ancient fashion week is organized as part of the 4-year pan-European research project called “Europe through tissues: a network of integrated and interdisciplinary humanities”, funded by the European body “COST European cooperation in science and technology”.

In the same days as the Gucci show in Castel del Monte, there is also talk of fashion in the historic buildings of Salento: at the Palazzo Protonobilissimo, known as the Palazzo del Principe, embroidery and fabrics will be debated. Considering that in fashion “nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed”, it will be nice to find out what the taste and decoration were in the women and men who lived a few millennia ago.

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Fashion Week will involve scientists, scientists and leaders from different parts of the planet. For the first three days, an embroidery school, organized in collaboration with the Punto Maglie association, will be held in the homogenous and nearby municipality, which will help to promote local traditions. Twelve researchers will attend the school, admitted through a committee, from several European and Mediterranean countries, even Iceland and Tunisia.

During Ancient Fashion Week, there will also be a two-day international conference where the production, use and trade of fabrics in Europe during the Iron Age will be analyzed. Experts coming from different parts of the world will discuss the different aspects related to the production of drugs in an ancient era in the light of new studies, from which it turns out how the same technical knowledge in many respects has come down to us and used. today again.

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Thursday the 19th May there will be a meeting between leaders and representatives of the 32 European states joining the project. Following its launch in October 2020 and the critical issues related to the pandemic, in Muro Leccese, leaders will meet in person for the first time to outline future research and development strategies for the project, which ends in late 2024.

The choice of Muro Leccese is not random, but is due to the fact that the scientific director of the Diffused Museum of Borgo Terra and the archeological park Muro Leccese, Francesco Meoprofessor at the School of Archeology at the University of Salento, is also the leader of Italy and responsible for one of the four research groups in the project.

I am very happy – declared director Francesco Meo– that the leaders of the other 32 countries participating in the project have accepted and supported my proposal to meet, present for the first time after the pandemic, right in Muro Leccese. The idea for the “old fashion week” was born out of the possibility of combining the annual meeting of Euroweb project managers with a school on embroidery and an international conference on textile production in the Iron Age, organized by Louise Quillien from the French CNR, Magdalena Wozniak from the University of Warsaw and Francisco Gomes from the University of Lisbon.

Good to know –continues Meo– that there is such great interest in the history and traditions of this country. The trip to Salento will give the colleagues who come to visit an area rich in art, culture and archaeological evidence, some of which are exhibited in the Palazzo del Principe, home to the initiative. I thank the municipal administration of Muro Leccese, in particular Mayor Antonio Lorenzo Donno and Culture Councilor Bibiana Cogli for enthusiastically accepting the proposal to host the event in this magnificent venue. “

The Department of Cultural Heritage at the University of Salento joined the project from the initial phase, which after being admitted to funding is now finally taking its first steps in presence.

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