Alina Kabaeva, how much is Putin’s lover’s tax: a salary of 11 million (at least) a year and dream houses

One golden salary as the leader of the pro-Kremlin media group, dream apartments and villas in Russia and Europe. For her and for all her family members. While the EU breaks the delay and prepares to trigger sanctions against Alina Kabaeva, Putin’s lover, she spoils a prima donna life. Former Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, former parliamentarian in the Duma, mother of four children of the tsar and (perhaps) also his new wife, Alina Kabeva, has a fortune of almost 9 million euros. How much do you earn and what are your assets? The list is long. In many cases, his fortune is believed to be that of the president. In short: she just wanted to be a galleon figure. She and all members of her family.

Let’s start with the salary: at least eleven million (euros) per year. For what activity? Since 2014, he has been directing Nmg. He’s a media giant. A fundamental piece of Putin’s propaganda in Russia. Although just as the invasion of Ukraine started and there was talk of sanctions against the leader’s “magic circle”, his name disappeared from the net. It has always been written explicitly. It’s gone now. The network, which includes Perviy Kanal, Ren-Tv, Izvesia,, has made the name, picture and profile of its CEO disappear. Who, incidentally, had no experience in communication before taking on this role.

To do the exact list of all of Kabaeva’s characteristics and his loved ones were the investigative group attached to the dissident Alexander Navalny, now in jail. Vladimir Putin’s secret lover, it has been calculated, has a net worth three times that of the legendary former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, taken as a comparison.. It’s worth about £ 7.6 million. In contrast, the double heavyweight world champion has assets of £ 2.3m. Let’s talk about the Kabaeva family’s real estate assets. It starts with an operation that took place in 2015: To Alina’s grandmother, Anna Zatsepilina, who is now 86 years old, Putin donates a 200 square meter apartment in St. Petersburg. Petersburg on the Neva River. Value: 120 million rubles. The initiative certainly comes from the Tsar, for the mediator is Gennady Timchenko, his personal friend.

Just a few days before Alina bought a 600 square meter apartment in the elegant Arbat district of Moscow. Value: 600 million rubles. Once again, the broker of the real estate transaction is a friend of Putin. We arrive at another villa, surrounded by half an acre of land in the exclusive Rublevka neighborhood. A jewel with two apartments. Once again, the suspicions are focused on Putin because the operation is being handled by his judo partner Grigory Bayevsky. But he’s not just a martial arts enthusiast who goes to the gym with the president. It is up to him to manage the assets of the Russian president. He is the administrator. But, as we said, the whole Kabaeva family is the recipient of gifts. Sister Leysan gets an apartment of 220 square meters worth $ 1.5 million. The mother gets a 260-square-foot apartment worth $ 12 million.

Then there is the mystery of Switzerland. Kabaeva has been a guest at a villa near Lugano several times. One of his children was also born into the League. A witness also saw Putin himself on his way to that dream villa, on the heights around the lake. The sumptuous building is worth 15 million euros. But the country’s authorities explain that they have never been able to establish an exact correspondence with her. A possible explanation? The official owner could be an international fund. A financial screen. Meanwhile, after months of mystery, she appeared again in public in Moscow at a sporting event. The rhythm remains his passion. Its annual “Alina” charity festival is aimed at sports and children. The main theme of the last issue? Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

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