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It is one of the most interesting festivals in Sardinia and one of the few dedicated to the fruit with which many traditional island sweets are made. There Almond Festivalplanned Sunday, May 15th 2022, arrives at twenty-first edition. An event characterized by traditions, culture, food and wine, exhibitions, shows and guided tours that will delight the taste of visitors who will be able to immerse themselves in the taste, knowledge and aromas of this wonderful territory.

On the same day and the previous Saturday, May 14, the event will also take place in the city Open monuments. The visit to the monuments will with great spontaneity and sympathy be accompanied by children and young people from local schools. Finally, ie celebrations dedicated to Sant’Isidoroprotector of farmers, will make the program even richer and more engaging.

That Sunday program May 15, 2022:

9:30 – The festival starts. Stand opening with food and wine products along the streets of the historic center

From kl. 9:30 – The streets of the historic center

Traditions and Ancient Crafts, by AT Pro Loco Segariu

Baking with mother yeast, Coccoi Pintau, Maccarronisi de scibiru, Fregua de Segariu
Scannaiu, Scattellusu, Pobinesa and Crobisi, Ceramist, Cross end “Mass”, Sarrates and “Pizzeunghia” knives

From 10:00 – Casa del Soldato “Madonna della Salute”.

Photographic exhibition of World War I and II, finds, newspapers, uniforms, weapons and coins from 1800 to 2000

Projection of photographs relating to historical editions of the Sant’Isidoro Feast

10:00 – Casa Caboni-Murru

Filling the chairs of Mr Paolo Palmas

Craftsman tailored by Mrs. Emanuela Cabras

From 10:00 – Via Lamarmora

Archery and the medieval banquet of the medieval group “Funtana Onnis” from Guasila

From 10:00 to 12:00 – Casa Caboni-Murru

Demonstration of embroidery of candy by Rita Cardia

10:00 – The Meat Boutique

Presentation of the display counter and “ready and prepare” preparations in a modern key (food development)

10:00 – San Lorenzo Parish Church

Solemn procession in honor of Sant’Isidoro accompanied by ethnic groups (Siurgus Donigala – Guamaggiore), knights, Launeddas, Traccas and tractors. After Holy Mass, animated by “San Lorenzo” polyphonic choir

From 11:00 to 13:00 – Casa Caboni-Murru

Macramè workshop by Giuliana and Tiziana

From 11:00 to 19:00 – The Meat Boutique

Aperitif in collaboration with Pedraniedda Winery: cold cuts and cheeses paired with their wines

11:00 – Sa Pratza de Arialdu

Exhibition of typical products with almonds, at the “Sant’Isidoro” farm

From 11:00 – From Lorraine

Hiking cheese ravioli, Seadas and Sardinian almond sweets

From 12:00 to 20:00 – The Meat Boutique

Toasted sandwiches and gourmet burgers paired with wines from Pedraniedda Winery

From 12:00 – “Da Ciccio” Bar

Musical entertainment with DjSet

12:30 – Pro Loco Stand

Breakfast menu 12 €

Malloreddus at Campidanese

Coat sheep

Potatoes in sa skiscionera

Cheese, bread, water and wine

Pro Loco breakfast info and booking +39 3402799165

From 12:30 – Sa Pratza de Arialdu

Opening of refreshment place

From 2.30 pm – Piazza Risorgimento

Musical entertainment with Salvatore Floris’ accordion and Riccardo Sirugus launeddas

From 15:00 – Casa Caboni-Murru

Demonstration of embroidery of candy by Rita Cardia

From 15:30 to 17:30 – Casa Caboni-Murru

Macramè workshop by Giuliana and Tiziana

16:30 – Pro Loco Stand

Free tasting of almond and mandarin Gelato

17.00 – Piazza Risorgimento

Musical entertainment with the Sardinian dances of the ethnic trio “Banderas Folk”, by the Sant’Isidoro Committee

21.00 – Risorgimento Piazza

Evening for Liscio and Latin America with the group “Bandoleros Latino”, organized by the Sant’Isidoro Committee

Info and booking Pro Loco Lunch +39 3402799165

Info and booking Macramé Laboratory +39 3288497007

Visits to open monuments in Villanovafranca:
The list of places and places to visit in Villanovafranca for the “Open Monuments” event was also released. The magnificent nuraghe “Su Mulinu”, still under investigation and excavation, is not missing, as I had announced, but it has returned a precious find, a nuragic sacrificial altar with a local sandstone basin. These are all the sites that can be visited:

Church of San Francesco da Paola,
Church of San Lorenzo,
Church of San Sebastiano,
Nuragian fortress “su Mulinu”,
The Nuragic altar,
Museum “su Mulinu”

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