Unavailable educators, lack of motivation or a salary problem?

We welcome and publish the procedure from Alessandro Prisciandaro, National President of the Association of Educators and Italian Educators

These days we receive many comments from social pedagogical professional educatorsin which it prevails the bitterness and the feeling of defeat for a professional dreamcultivated since the years of master / liceo socio pedagogico and continued with financial / family sacrifice, for three long academic years, to obtain the degree (CL 18 / CL 19).


The reason why so many members felt the need to write to our professional association stems from the observation that a “private” and absolutely disorganized event has become a public and national event, such as. an educational emergencyof which one feels “responsible”.

As if civil society, public administrations, parents and even universities blamed thousands of abusive professionals for “neglect of neglect” for not living with tireless passion, with an immense sense of sacrifice, immense resilience to the difficulties this delicate work entails , inability to fast for months due to lack of pay, lack of flexibility and willingness to work around the city or in the suburbs with own car and at own expense, to go home with a few 100 euros, to be taxed except a state that has sent “refreshments” to the cows in Trentino as well, rightly so!

But nothing has been done for the resettled incomes, health facilities that were never provided, and the consequent reduction in the demand for educational staff, simply because the centers were closed and the social pedagogical educators … at home, without pay or any kind of refreshment.

Bitterness turns to anger, when we read between the lines that educators would have made a convenient, unethical choice, looking for employment opportunities in other sectors such as schools, where the subject gets better recognition and above all a decent salary. Is not that a legitimate choice? Is not it an inalienable right to try to survive, pay off a mortgage and house bills, start a family and raise children?

There is also an attempt to criminalize our law 205/17conquered after many years of professional and political struggle, that finally put an end to decades of abuse to the detriment of users, to be supported pedagogically, psychologically and socially, with a group of operators who died of starvation, temps, passing students, trainees used as operators, with whom they kept waiting for per capita contributions, which sometimes arrived after six months. When abundant loans came, of course, they were never set aside and used as savings to stabilize the operators!

By way of example only we report some commentswith only the initials of the name:

  1. I have to share this thought because I initially ran away from this world, precisely because of Coop and the way I work. With much bitterness, tomorrow I will start on a job that is not within what I have always felt my field, education! I studied with hope and today I would recommend another course of study to anyone who asks me why? Because our working conditions are ridiculous! EV
  2. Never acknowledged, in fact, our work seems obvious and it seems like everyone can do it, underpaid, that’s why we run away !!! EV
  3. For years, I have seen my educator colleagues and educators abandon their professions only because they were not properly recognized professionally and financially. In schools, there are no educators and educators always have time-limited contracts. What they are complaining about has been degrading this profession for years. It is up to us to complain about the continuing precariousness. PL
  4. I worked for 5 years in smaller communities and not only are we underpaid but we are treated as home help both by those who hire and by guests. Given that most of it comes from criminal law, risks of any kind are also underestimated by everyone. I liked it, but honestly, I put the thought aside of helping guys who were less fortunate than me for the shit I’ve seen. This is only a first step, we will also be smaller and smaller in other services. Shameful. MM
  5. Then we ask ourselves why foster care and adoption are difficult. 🤔 Business, discomfort is business. LR
  6. And how much do they recognize financially in terms of the educator in Puglia?
  7. “You have to wait a bit for the salary, at least until you are tired of doing it and you are forced to resign, while we take advantage of your work”.
  8. PS It is not my intention to make a bundle of all the grass, mind you. PP
  9. Pay the right amount !!! PM
  10. They will not find them … educators go if they are exploited financially and logistically! BUT
  11. The money ends up in the pockets of those who run the cooperatives. We educators are supervised for 18 hours and we do 36/40 a week and maybe with project contracts! And if we talk about msna, the mail goes up … CL
  12. And in the summer we stay under the bridge! Without any rights after school closing! FP
  13. Hunger pay I would say! GD
  14. I think those who know how to do their job well require adequate pay. The rest is chinoiserie! GL
  15. Abolish the cooperatives that have made a significant contribution to the doping of WB mdl
  16. The problem is the municipalities that will always save. BA
  17. But the system does nothing to change our situation. Our degree is not recognized. We are the poor with the laurel wreath on our heads. 9 euros per hour … at school or for any other ML assignment
  18. What’s the problem.
  19. Educators do not represent a cohesive category, many are slaves happy to be and servants of the master to win miserable privileges. LC
  20. I’m still waiting for the FEBRUARY salary. ML
  21. That they run away is good, that many colleagues have been kitchen girls, less, being professional is also this
  22. Educators run away because cooperatives behave like the worst entrepreneurs. But the municipal administrator has a big responsibility. It does not control the quality of its services and pays poorly and not on time. The result is the cart and a single ticket.
  23. I am the manager of a small cooperative, I am an educator. Every day I fight for my employees BUT the offers are now SCANDAL and absurd !!
  24. We on the board often keep our hours free so that our employees do not miss them.
  25. The problem is not cooperatives as such (except those organized as super-multinational shark attack shops).
  26. Our employees are not numbers, but people.
  27. Everyone asks you for FREE HOURS, project improvements in the number of FREE HOURS … but do you ever dream of asking your dentists for free hours? lawyers? plumbers? The educator / educator, on the other hand, is always perceived as someone who is underpaid or not paid at all on the first occasion.
  28. As if it was a SIN A SHAME to earn a living by being an educator or educator….
  29. In addition to the cooperatives that do not pay enough, there is the great damage of the tenders that have been made for a discount and who usually loses ??? WORKERS! Eh in this case the educators!

Will we seriously solve the problem? Without looking for the easiest solution to pass on the job to further socially unfortunate, without qualifications and willing to accept the inhuman conditions under which they lived / live, the real professionals of the sector?


  • a sector of great social importance cannot be private and outside the trade union and wage rules laid down by a national contract;
  • a company incapable of guaranteeing wages must close and make room for trained entrepreneurs who are aware of the importance of security even for the operators on duty;
  • public guarantees and refreshments in case of delays in public contributions and budgets for anyone working to replace PA
  • provision of a fixed and ordinary salary, with the organizational burden on the coop in agreement with the educators.
  • Elimination of passive nights (you are on duty at night and they do not pay you).
  • All trained lecturers must consist of brackets D, with professional responsibility, decision-making and planning autonomy with a signature on IEP.

An interinstitutional table is needed to ensure that this sector can live on dreams and hopes, with the ability to help the most fragile sections of the population. We are not dealing with market products, but men and women on the road to a better world. But we can not do it without a client (the state) who is responsible and aware of the delicate task we have been entrusted with, without a university that will continue to accompany the sector’s operators with studies and research and without an economic stability that allows U.S. to invest in our future as well.

Alessandro Prisciandaro

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