The Viareggio massacre, “with the train at 60 km / h nothing would have happened” – Chronicle

Viareggio (Lucca), May 5, 2022 – Listen civil parties during the complaint processing-bis for Viareggio railway massacre of June 29, 2009. The second-degree proceeding was ordered by the Supreme Court for the disaster, which caused 32 deaths, numerous injuries and significant property damage due to the fires following the derailment of the freight train, of which a wagon with LPG exploded. The engineer is absent from the defendants Mauro MorettiMichele Mario Elia, former CEO of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, was present at the top of the FS and RFI.

Among the first civil parties to argue, two have sought compensation for very severe lung damage part of inhalation of the vapors from the gas fire; the request for compensation made by the lawyer Fabrizio Bartolinin for his two clients make up more than 350 thousand euros each of preliminary; 34 years old at the time of the events, a man and a woman who lived in via porta Pietrasanta right by the railway; for some days they passively inhaled the fumes from the combustion of LPG. The lawyer highlighted the development, after that episode, of lung diseases and abnormal skin rashes in the two.

In addition to the two already mentioned, other residents, also near the Viareggio station, would have developed a similar lung disease. Even the lawyer Daniele Colangelo, representative of another civil party, asked for a minimum of 130 thousand euros for the parents of a 21-year-old Moroccan, Mohamed Kharboua, who was wounded in the escape from the flames that hit via Ponchielli, the road next to the railway tracks, where he was with countrymen. Originally reported missing, the boy was then found three days later in shock in the pine forest at the Viareggio dock. According to his lawyer, the young Moroccan would have suffered a knee injury as well as psychological consequences, in addition, Colangelo also highlighted, as in the cases mentioned above, lung trauma in the 21-year-old caused by the vapors from the inhaled gas.

The hypothesis: “the massacre could have been avoided”

That’s what comes out of the lawyer’s request Gabriele Dalle Luchealso the lawyer of some families who have become bourgeois parties, argued for his dissertation on the possibility of avoiding the tragedy: “If the freight train from the Viareggio railway massacre had passed between the houses at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, there is the indisputable fact that this speed would have been an effective measure and nothing would have happened. The speed of the trains with dangerous goods in the inhabited areas established by FS is one of the points on which the appeal process-bis focuses, especially with regard to the accusation of railway disasters. Reminiscent of studies and scenarios already known in the late 90’s by all the major European railway companies “.

Again the lawyer “if the train had kept such a speed of 60 km per hour, it would have been not only protective but preventive, for, as our consultant Orsini’s calculations have shown, if that train had passed at 60 km nothing would have happened. because the LPG gas wagon, which later caused explosions and fires, would not have had the kinetic force to overturn “.

“Since the 1990s,” said Dalle Luche, “both in Germany, where the railway system has always been highly developed, and in Europe, catastrophic consequences have been assumed in the rail transport of dangerous goods in the event of derailment of trains inside the inhabited centers. populated, and in Germany there was a detailed study of the effects of dangerous goods, so much so that for LPG it was a catchment area of ​​2,400 meters and with a mortality rate of 100 percent ”.

In conclusion, the lawyer emphasized that this “wealth of knowledge belonged to all European railway companies, Viareggio is nothing more than the realization of the risk foreseen in the documents already available at that time”.

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