The stove that looks like a TV and the one that furnishes the house: Progetto Fuoco rewards design

One stove that looks like a newer generation of television screens, another that turns into a piece of furniture where a lamp or a coffee table can be inserted. The two awards of the first edition of “Prize X 2021”, a design award for stoves and fireplaces arranged at Progetto Fuoco, the event underway at the fair, go to Moretti Fire di Ripatransone (Ascoli Piceno) and Kalon di Tarquinia (Viterbo)) companies in Verona, by Piemmeti in collaboration with the blog “Fire Observer | Danilo Premoli “. The award was presented on Wednesday 4 May at the Fiera in Verona based on the votes of blog readers and the votes of a jury of architects and special press under the direction of journalist Oscar G. Colli and composed of Antonella Andriani, Francesco Lucchese, Carlo Martino , Claudio Moltani, Cinzia Pagni, Claudia Tisato, Elisabetta Tonali, Davide Vercelli and Giuliana Zoppis.

Readers’ favorite was the Moretti Fire “Vision Aqua” stove, designed by Stefano Monti and set by the Prati company. “Vision Aqua” is a clean and high-efficiency wood-burning stove that heats the water by burning pellets – explains Stefano Moretti, CEO of Moretti Fire -. The hot water is spread through a circulation pump in the radiators or in the floor system that heats the house. The design has been studied to create a different feel than the classic stove. A large dark glass covering the burner makes it look like a television, so when it is off in the summer it is a piece of furniture that does not disturb the view. The dark “magic” glass covers the burner when it is off, while letting you see the flame when it lights. Using a button, the glass screen can be raised to open the door for cleaning and other maintenance operations ».

The product awarded by the jury, on the other hand, was the wood-burning stove with built-in lamp “Graft” by Kalon Stufe in Tarquinia (Viterbo) designed by Lorenzo Damiani and integrated into the furniture by Equilibri Furniture. “Graft, which means” graft “in English – explains Dalila Leone, Kalon brand manager -, is characterized by the presence of a stand on both sides that allows you to insert any accessory to customize your stove and live it even in the summer months: a lamp and two different support elements, as well as a magnetized “shield” for mounting in front of the “fire” window and a table containing an ash vacuum cleaner.

The ten selected stoves in the exhibition were set up by some furniture companies in Lignum, the governing body of the furniture districts of Verona, Padua and Rovigo, recognized by the Veneto region (a district of 1207 companies, 7000 employees, 53 countries export in the world), which in collaboration with Piemmeti has created an exhibition area of ​​400 square meters at Progetto Fuoco. In this context, 14 companies in the District have set up ten furniture places to set up the ten stoves selected by the Prize X team.

“Design is becoming more and more strategic among manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces,” emphasizes Danilo Premoli, creator of Prize X. And this has been seen in the great attention that the award has received in recent months among professionals.

The award, presented by the Director of Progetto Fuoco Raul Barbieri, by the architect Danilo Premoli and by the President of Lignum Alessandro Tosato, is sponsored by the Order of Architects of Verona. “It is important to be present in Verona – confirms Alessandro Tosato, President of Lignum – to remember that the wooden furniture design chain in this area is not only history and culture, but a huge driving force for the present and for the future.” .

“Improving the design content was a request that often came up in my conversations with exhibition companies,” explains Raul Barbieri, general manager of Piemmeti, the Veronafiere company that organizes Progetto Fuoco. Being able to finally propose an initiative at this level represents one of the flagships of the event ».

The following companies participated in the installation: Bianchini Cafedesart, Di Biase, Equilibri-Furniture, Guarise Mobili & Contract, Pernechele Rigo, Prati, Sprea Arredamenti, Style Italia, Tosato Casa d’Arredo.

The “Prize X” area, with the award-winning wood-burning stoves and the framework proposed by the Lignum companies, is located in Pavilion 7 with an installation of approximately 400 square meters. The exhibition runs until Saturday 7 May.

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