the festival of independent culture is back, among the names June of 44, C’mon Tigre, Go Dugong

The wait is over. After two years of detention, from 2 to 5 June came back there tenth edition from Disease., the festival, organized by Macrostudio, a reference point for independent culture. Four days exclusively dedicated to music and the alternative scene, immersed in Cilento’s suggestive scenery, this year for the first time in Paestum.

Let’s go back to TO LOVEthis is the thematic direction of the tenth edition, which celebrates his return by resurrecting from the water in a troubled sea, undressing the black and white of previous editions to dress in blue, the color of the feminine principle, water and rediscovered peace .
“This has been years of transitions, evolution and involution. It was partly bitter years: today more than ever there is therefore a need to change the bitter to LOVE. Again and on a daily basis in all forms”. Disease. 2022 is love: an old figure, manifesto of this edition, emerging from the sea, bruised but still stubborn, with wide-open eyes unfolding among the sea lilies, a symbol of the Pestano coast and of cultural fertility, a hermaphrodite and asexual flower, the emblem of love without discrimination.

Reference reality for independent cultures, Disease. carries in the name the governing sense of its identity, distancing itself from pre-packaged attitudes oriented towards something monothematic: disorder is a creative act and wealth, it is a plurality of artistic languages, the same as for years has made it one of the most enterprising festivals on the national stage.

In the territory of Cilento National ParkVallo di Diano and Alburni, three stages, from aperitif to late night, between the blue flag sea, the pine forest and “Rosemary”, restaurant headed by starred chef Cristian Torsiello inside the bathhouse Laura Mare Stranda structure designed to reduce the environmental impact, restore and protect the local habitat with areas intended for the beach, food, hospitality and relaxation.

Also this year a refined and eclectic line-up, worthy of the best international reviews, a condensation of sounds ranging from rock, in all its forms, to electronics, jazz, ambient, black music. More than 20 artists which will switch to 3 stages: that Bugmain stage at sea, which will see live electronic music as protagonists, another circular and more intimate scene, TempleandThe lobbywhich finds its place on the lido, where the four evenings open starting from the aperitif hour with DJ sets played on vinyl.

British indie rock is on the program Penelope Islands,the historic American supergroup June 44the powerful sound mix between the sacred and the profane, between classical and present, between past and future for Thereyou Tigerthe lover of global sounds Go Dugong, Dario Rossi one of the most famous drummers in the world, a unique in the electronic scene, the psychedelic and exciting music from Ømand,musical trio from Istanbul and still the unique sound between alt-rock, shoegaze and spiced with pop gods Cosmeticthe Vienna-based trio Electro Guzzi the mixture of sounds and cultures of Atlantic concrete.


The journey of Disease. starts Thursday June 2with the unsurpassed performance Electro Guzzi , already guests in the most famous international festivals and clubs, from Sónar to Sziget to Berghain. Avant-garde of electronic music, the Viennese trio cross the border between analog and digital and play live techno without the help of computers or loops; on stage one of the bands that wrote the history of American music, ie June 44, the adrenaline-pumping performance TIGER! SHIT! TIGER! TIGER!the range from hardcore to pop, from electric jazz to progressive and more the DJ producers’ project Eu Bòlos Luca Di Donato and Rafa Ristallo moving from electro-ambient to deep tech house to get to emo-rock and post-punk by Cairo.
With its collage of sounds from all over the world comes June 3one of the most influential DJs and musicians in the field of electronic music, Go to Dugong , a collection of global sounds that bring the rhythms of carioca, boom bap, Africanisms, psychedelia and English bass music to the stage. Play indie rock by brothers Jack and Lily Wolter, Penelope Isles,with their melodic sound from bedroom pop. From the south east coast of England you then immerse yourself in the deep province of Romagna with Cosmeticwhich forms a unique and constantly evolving sound and then reaches the liberating savagery of The Breakbest.
The uniqueness of one of the most famous drummers in the world, Dario Rossi lands in Disease. that 4 June,his unique performances, techno-sounds produced with pots, scraps and pans, make him a unique of electronic music, the video of his performance at Alexander Platz in Berlin went around the world. Between sacred and profane, between classical and contemporary, the kaleidoscope of sounds without borders Thereyou Tigerthe electronic duo involving various national and international artists, le sounds suspended between jazz and post-rock Cazale, polluted electronics, from abstract hip hop and jazz, gods DayKoda.

Planned for 5th of Junethe unique and contemporary sound and cultural melting pot of Atlantic concrete, a recording project by Romagna producer and DJ Alessandro “ToffoloMuzik” Zoffoli, which brings together field recordings, samples and fragments of nature, the road and sacred sites from travel experiences around the world. Also for the last day comes rock and afro jazz of Hos Doum & The Faryds, the psychedelic music of Ømandand the journey between folk and rock from Naples to Istria, passing through Rome, dei Kusturin.

The DJ sets that open each evening are eclectic: the black sounds off The tonic of the seventies the afro and tribal people suggested by Sara SacrabinoAnd the dj with a black soul Paolo Caravano to switch to deep deep house sounds of Ivano Glielmi and techno and house of Donato Emme. Reggae dancehall af Frizzy Pazzy,the rhythms latin jazz af Skat Busted, de af SoundSystem logos, the sound ofDario J,which combines great classics and avant-garde tracks and that ofNerve labyrinth,active for more than 20 years in the independent scene.

Son of Macrostudio, who has been working with music, the new culture and the development of the area for more than ten years, Disease. boasts among its partnersLomographya creative movement founded in the early nineties and which today unites millions of creatives from around the world in search of a freer and more lively way of photography;Salerno analog , a creative container for all those who shoot on film in Salerno and its surroundings, with the aim of creating a movement that brings together all the artistic, professional and amateur, close to the analog photography world. The distributors of craft beer from the best independent breweries,Ales & CoAndStone brewingthe festival’s official beer, born in Southern California from the skills and passion of Steve Wagner and Greg Koch.

Led by the spirit of artistic and social resistance that has always inspired him, Disease. it makes room for the most interesting and charismatic independent art scene on the national and international stage, affirms itself as a virtuous reality in Campania, promotes less mainstream artistic language and culture in the area.

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Single day entrance 10 euros + dp
4-day card 35 euros + dp /

Thursday, June 2
Stage atrium (18.00-20.00)

Tempia Scene (21: 00-23: 00)
Stomach stage (00.30)
Friday, June 3rd
Atrium stage
Tempia practice
Stomach stage
Saturday, June 4th
Atrium stage
Tempia practice
Stomach stage
Sunday, June 5th
Atrium stage
Tempia practice
Stomach stage

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