The election notebook: music and culture for Green Europe, the 5 stars arrange a meeting about superbonus

There are several electoral appointments of the candidates at the next administrative election scheduled for Sunday, June 12th. Let’s go and see them in detail.

Ambiente Asti organizes a meeting on sustainable mobility

Thursday, May 5 at 21 in the family foyer in via Milliavacca

A different city for better mobility. This is the topic that the guests on the list will ask themselves Asti environment tonight at 9 p.m. Foyer for families in via Milliavacca and Asti. They will be present Giovanni Currado, President of the Southeast Basin of the Piedmontese Mobility Agency, Angelo Marinonitransport expert, Angelo PortaVice-Presidents of Legambiente Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, Dennis BejaranoAsti Cambia network, Gaetano LeopardoSecretary Felt Cgil Asti e Paolo Crivelli, candidate for mayor of the city of Asti. Moderate Grandma RoveraJournalist.

The meeting is organized in collaboration with Integrated and sustainable mobility coordination (Co.MIS)

An evening of music and culture for Europa Verde Asti

Friday, May 6 at 20.30 in Foyer delle Famiglie and via Milliavacca

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Listen Europe Verde Crivelli Mayorarranges in connection with the election campaign for the local elections in Asti an evening dedicated to art and entertainment on Foyer Delle Famiglie via Milliavacca 5 Asti. The soprano performs Sehoe Kang and the tenor Rui Chen. At the piano Danilo Inordi.

The “superbonus ride” of pentastellated senator Agostino Santillo makes a stop at Asti

Saturday, May 7 at 11.30 at Circolo Nosenzo in Via Corridoni

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That “Superbonus tour“By the pentastellate senator Agostino Santillo stops at Asti Saturday at 11:30 p.m. Nosenzo club in via Filippo Corridoni 51. Senator Santillo has for months launched a national campaign with accurate information on the Superbonus 110% issues and toured in many municipalities on the peninsula. At the meeting, arranged by 5-star movement by Astivarious technicians, engineers, architects and condominium administrators will participate.
The event is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject Super bonus 110% and the latest news on credit allocation will be introduced by the Chairman of the Senate Labor and Social Security Commission Susy Matrisciano and moderated by Regional Councilor Sean Sacco, in the presence of local councilors Massimo Cerruti and Giorgio Spata.
I am glad that the good information campaign about Superbonus is also arriving in the province of Asti“Comments Senator Santillo. “In addition to the struggles we are waging in Parliament for the protection and improvement of Superbonus legislation, I have always regarded the dissemination activity as fundamental, because only through constant dialogue between technicians, companies, citizens and us parliamentarians is it possible to continue. to move forward in the right way a measure that – Santillo ends – it creates jobs, energy savings and sustainable development. “

Paolo Crivelli meets young people about the city’s urban renewal

Saturday, May 7 at 16 at Circolo Nosenzo in via Corridoni

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With the support of Democratic Party and along with the list Asti environment, mayoral candidate Paolo Crivelli is hosting an event whose theme is urban renewal of the city. The event takes place on Saturday at 4 p.m. Nosenzo club and will focus on the issue of improving and expanding the city’s pedestrian area. In this regard, as early as November, the coalition published an article on possible solutions to fully exploit the potential of the pedestrian area in Piazza Alfieri, which is currently empty and unused. They will attend the meeting Paolo Crivelli, candidate for mayor of the Astinsieme coalition; Chiara Gaiolacouncilor in Settimo Torinese municipality; Paolo Furiauniversity professor and regional secretary PD and the young candidates from the Democratic Party and the Asti environmental list.

The Democratic Party questions the Ukrainian question with Domenico Quirico and Brando Benifei

Sunday, May 8 at 5 pm at KOR square.

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Room for geopolitical problems: Sunday at 17 in the Choir Room in Piazza San Giuseppe, Brando BenifeiMEP Head of the Delegation of the Democratic Party to the European Parliament, Domenico Quirico reporter journalist for “La stampa” e Paolo Crivelli, mayoral candidate for the city of Asti will talk about the Ukrainian situation. Moderate the meeting Riccardo Fassone provincial secretary PD Asti.

“Together with the guests, we will try to answer some questions that fill our days from 24 February 2022: the causes of the conflict, the role of Europe and NATO, the sanctions and consequences for our economy and our lives, the fear of an escalation of the war, the welcome “.

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