The competition “YouSchool” 2022. The award ceremony

May 4, starting at 10.30 in Auditorium M9 – Museo del ‘900, the award ceremony will take place, the last event in YouSchool competition The 2022 edition, where the winning classes will participate in the presence, while all the others will be able to participate at a distance.
Representatives of the organizing bodies will be present and remotely connected Sammy Basso And Gabriella Nobiletwo of the competition opinions along with Giulia Candussiexpert in instructional and editing techniques, who accompanied the students in the preparation of the works presented to the jury in You School 2022.

Born at will of The Foundation of Venice and this year made of M9 – Museum of the ‘900 with the media partnership of Rai school And Rai Culturathat third edition of YouSchool is a project targeting the III, IV and V classes of secondary education institutions throughout Italy, called upon to confront and work on the pressing issues ofsocial inclusion and of Equality Put offUN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Involved 37 classrooms from all over Italy, including the islands.

The competition aims to accompany young people to become aware of situations and forms of marginalization and prejudice in society, and to encourage them to identify viable ways to promote social inclusion. For this purpose YouSchool proposed to young people who responded to the call to “tell contemporary stories, starting from the observation of situations of marginalization, prejudice and social isolation, to make a critical reflection and find possible actions aimed at improving the society in which they live. , in line with the goals defined by the UN on social inclusion “.

Three extraordinary testimonies participated in the training course: Sammy Bassothe young researcher from Vicenza suffering from progeria, the journalist Marianna April and the founder of the non-profit organization “Mamme per la pelle” Gabriella Nobile.
The statements were advocates for three different paths around which the classes developed their digital projects:
Route 1 – openness and integration of all individuals, weak and disabled;
Route 2 gender equality in education, participation and management, gender-based violence;
Route 3 ethnicity, origin, religion: cultural and social diversity.

In addition to video interviews with opinionshas been made available to the classes fire video tutorials on instructional and editing techniques, made by the documentary filmmaker and photojournalist Giulia Candussi.
In five months from the start date of the competition, the classes have completed 27 videos, published on the museum’s YouTube channel and evaluated by a jury of experts and by The YouSchoo communityL.

All will be awarded on May 4th five pricesto which comes three special mentionsthat:

Most original project award
Who is black? – class VE – Art school in Treviso, (TV) – path 3
Map Class IV G – “Emilio Greco” Artistic High School, Catania (CT) – Path 3

Critics Award
(INVISIBLE – Class 3 AL – IIS G. Bruno-R. Franchetti, Venice-Mestre (VE) – Route 1
Baldegiovanesanguecaldo – Class 5B GC – ISIS Sacile Brugnera, Sacile (PN) – Route 3

Most voted project award by YouSchool Community
Which box? – Class IV A – ISIS Carducci Volta Pacinotti, Piombino (LI) – Route 2

Special reviews:
The hidden side – Class 4 AGC – IIS Aldini Valeriani, Bologna (BO) – Route 1
Women’s voices – Class 3 G – IIS G. Bruno-R.Franchetti, Venice-Mestre (VE) – Route 2
The other – Class 5A GC – ISIS Sacile Brugnera, Sacile (PN) – Route 3

M9 awards the following prizes:
Most original project award – Participation in a digital workshop on creating compelling social media content with a multimedia communication expert;
Award to critica – participation in three online workshops “Marathon 900: the best, the worst of all time”;
Most voted award from YouSchool Community – an online meeting on the topics of the chosen path;
• A voucher for the purchase of books worth 100 euros each for each teacher in the classes that have made the digital projects that have won the “Most Original Project Award”, “Critics Award” and “Most voted Project Award by YouSchool Community”.

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