The Commission for Assistance to the Elderly through Telemedicine was born

Palazzo Chigi sets up a commission for assistance to the elderly population through telemedicine and the new technological tools. To reveal it is monsignor Vincenzo PagliaChairman of the Papal Academy of Life, on the occasion of Digital Health Forumheld in the Congress Center in Piazza della Pilotta in Rome, which explains how the NRP’s resources can not be wasted in this way.

During the initiative, organized by Farmindustria in collaboration with Vodafone, the prelate emphasized exactly how “the one who rules should first and foremost have the goal of not leaving anyone behind. Overcoming the health gap is a priority. “A message that would also reach Prime Minister Draghi, who would be ready to overcome any obstacle to” unite health and social issues thanks to the progress of science “.

The role of the public

However, it will not be easy, as the former Minister of Finance pointed out Giovanni Tria, united the representatives of twelve ministries: “Until now – explains the lawyer – I have never seen a merger with so many professions that work”. In fact, the contribution of various departments is indispensable to increase the services to the weaker sections of society, from that of the ecological transition led by Minister Cingolani to the one dealing with health, led by Speranza. “The government – as guaranteed by the Deputy Secretary of Health Andrea Costa – will not be found unprepared. We are already working to create the right synergies ”.

In addition, a control room must be set up with the Regions and ensure that the various territorial gaps are bridged. “The resources allocated to this effect – he explains Massimiliano Fedrigachairman of the state-regional conference – is higher than before, but they are still not enough ”.

One model that will be taken as an example is certainly the Lombardy region, which under Covid adopted different platforms to be close to its seniors. “In the first part of the pandemic – reveals the deputy governor Letizia Moratti – We had some difficulties. Thanks to practice, a lot of good will and the talents that helped us, we were able to develop systems that allowed us to better monitor what was the most fragile population. Telemedicine as well as telematic social is the future. That is why no one can give up this area “.

The private

In that sense, pharmaceutical companies and firms are also ready to collaborate. According to Massimo Scaccabarozzi, Farmindustrias number one, “the population is aging. This is why PNRR must not be the entrenched wasted opportunity, starting with digital therapies where we are lagging behind the rest of Europe”. To Fabio Landazabal, President and CEO of GSK, therefore, we need to leverage the so-called digital revolution “as a strategic element to respond more effectively to people’s needs”. Thanks to the new discoveries for the leader, it will be possible to free doctors from bureaucratic tasks so that they can focus exclusively on assistance, especially with regard to the elderly.

By the same token Raffaello Innocenti of Chiesi Italia, according to which, even in the social field “there are inequalities between territories to be overcome”. That is why it is different Nicoletta Luppi of Msd “the public can not think of acting without private”. A partnership also confirmed by Francisco Garciaone of Novartis’ top exponents, according to which more investment by the state is needed.

In order to collaborate in this sense, however, there are also companies that deal with new technologies, e.g. Vodafonewho through Alessandro Magnino made it known how “a series of experiments that saved lives during the pandemic can make it possible to take important steps forward in social affairs”.

The model to follow

The challenge, therefore, is to create new systems that make it possible to monitor over the 60s, to help them better and above all without making them move too much. In this sense, the project advanced by Paglia will be able to come to life and follow the course started by the new platform created by Agenas. “In a few months, all health facilities in Italy – explains the director of the institution Domenico Mantoan – will be able to offer television and telecommunications surveillance solutions. In this way, uniformity of identification, security, payments and statistical analyzes will be guaranteed”.

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