A first visit by the IOC to the Olympic venue and the Milanes event: short interview with Councilors Romerio-Bonazzi and Antonioli

The recent press conference for the presentation of Milanesiana 2022, which will touch on Bormio and Livigno in the Upper Valley (, marks the pace of the new climate prevailing in the respective municipal administrations: a climate where desired whether mutual cooperation is strong and oriented not only from an Olympic point of view, but with an open view of the many possibilities that the district can offer, where culture can also be counted in all respects.

Milanese involvement with Livigno – declares Paola Romerio Bonazzi was highly desired and with pleasure we immediately found an enthusiastic backing in City Councilor Sharon Zini. But we like to see Milanesiana really become a district event, also open to all valleys; the potential is there and Livigno’s potential is only a first step in this direction. Each administration can, if desired, show up to host some Milanesiana evenings, we hope in the coming years to involve an even wider audience, also because it is an event that suits everyone and which has a strong appeal also from seeing tourist. In recent years, we have received feedback in this sense, and it is our intention to arrive at a more structured study of the attendance generated by Milanesiana“.

To understand how much Bormio has remained in Elisabetta Sgarbi’s heart (with great honor to Rotary Club Contea for the relationship established in recent years with the artistic director), just think that the city will receive “Rosa della Milanesiana “on July 22 next the luminous sculpture by Marco Lodola, which only 2 other places have received as a gift so far during the festival’s 22 years. “The sculpture of Lodola di Bormio will come after the sculptures of Milano Marittima and Ascoli Piceno; the idea is to place it in the gardens of piazza V Alpini, the most suitable place for a rose to bloom“.

The attention to the cultural movement in all its forms is a fixed point not only in Paola Romerio Bonazzi’s department, but in the entire Cavazzi Council, as culture can also be developed in the sport and in fact the Winter Games will take place in 4 years in the Upper Valley. promote sport, culture and education and are based on values ​​such as respect, friendship and excellence. The sports councilor talks about it Samanta Antonioli on the occasion of a first inspection carried out by the IOC representatives in Bormio in recent days. “The IOC, the world’s leading sports organization, has launched a tour of the Olympic venues, which from Bormio will touch Livigno, Anterselva, Val di Fiemme and Cortina. These are a series of technical visits that will be carried out between now and 2026 to evaluate, plan and verify the interventions to be carried out, not only for the Winter Games, but also for the pre-Olympic events that will affect the area such as for example, the World Winter Master Games in January 2024“.

“Master Games” is basically a sporting event with international appeal with great participation, reserved for champion athletes and structured with a summer and a winter version. The winter edition of 2024 will have different locations in Valtellina as competition locations (

Even Master Games – says Samanta Antonioli – will be an event based on collaboration, in fact, the competitions will take place throughout Lombardy, and for us in the Upper Valley it will be an important pre-Olympic test venue, not only for the attention to aspects related to sustainability and heritage (ie heritage) to the Games will leave in the future), but also to promote Olympic values ​​and for the spirit of family co-operation (Olympic Family), which has already established itself among the various figures of the Olympic movement“.

The enthusiasm and dynamism that springs from the words of the councilors inevitably leads to high expectations; probably the hardest task of all is to make sure they do not disappoint.


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