screwdriver, hammer, drill, knife –

from Andrea Galli

Architect Maja planned the crimes: the weapons placed on the table. The death of his wife Stefania Pivetta and his 16-year-old daughter Giulia, his 23-year-old son Nicol are very serious

At four o’clock in the morning between Tuesday and Wednesday, the architect and entrepreneur Alessandro Giovanni Maja, specializing in bar renovation and interior design, laid the home weapons from the planned massacre and exit from the stage on the table: a screwdriver, a hammer, a drill and a knife. The 57-year-old hit it with a hammer and used a screwdriver to kill his wife Stefania Pivetta, a minor and a seller of beauty products, who was resting on the couch under a rug on the ground floor; with the same tools and the same course of action, Maja murdered her 16-year-old daughter Giulia, who was sleeping in the living room, and went down the stairs convinced that she had also killed her eldest son Nicol, 23, right in bed and in his own room
. By that time, the plan was complete. The last act was missing, that is, eliminating itself. With drill and knife.

I finally succeeded

Maja was only wounded before stepping out in her underwear and screaming in via Turin in Samarate, 16 thousand inhabitants of the province of Varese, not far from Malpensa airport: I finally succeeded. He immediately admitted his responsibility and actually confessed
but it was not repeated in the official when he was questioned in the hospital, after the suturing of the wounds on his wrist and stomach, not deeply (it is unknown whether he really wanted to take his own life, or whether it was some one kind of staging).

The Maja family

The former status of the family residing at number 32, in a two-storey house with a garden and a small swimming pool, had not spawned any intervention by the police. If there had been quarrels in the couple when a strained relationship arose between the wife (dependent on children) and husband (in the face of the now inevitable separation), these would not have resulted in complaints or requests for help from the authorities. Likewise, the neighbors, recalled by Maja, who repeated the death sequence and rejoiced that they had never heard the echo of family tensions reported. At the entrance to the carabinieri (7.30) the whole house was a trace of blood.

Studies, drugs, work

Nicol is in desperate circumstances, to evaluate the effect of the blows received against the skull, which could compromise its existence from a neuro-motor point of view. Investigators rule out the discovery of traces of the drug, but two circumstances still need to be understood. The first: if Maja, whose company is based in Navigli in Milan, has signed with her team to work in Italy and in the world, at railway stations and airports starting from the same Malpensa airport, has taken drugs in the preparation phase of the massacre. The second: if Maja was followed by a psychiatristperhaps without the family’s knowledge, to whom he was convinced that he had given all possible support and help, and that he had been thanked with the invitation to leave once and for all and leave Stefania alone, as at the end of A long period without work she had wanted to get back in the game, also by consolidating a personal financial position so as not to be solely dependent on her husband.

The reconstruction of facts

The autopsies will provide additional elements, or at least help to better reconstruct, however useless it may be, the real dynamics of the facts. The double bed was intact. Maja may have come back too late – he often did after evenings in clubs with customers -, undressed and shopped. He probably continued with speed and held the rest of the night to assess whether he should hit himself. Maybe he was waiting. Maybe fainted. So the awakening. And the message from the balcony given to the whole neighborhood: I finally succeeded.
(Andrea Camurani collaborated)

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