Rent ‘Carbon Neutral’ with easyNoleggio

In recent years, there has been more and more talk about sustainability in the socio-political debate. Both individuals and companies try to implement processes and use tools to be able to pursue environmental sustainability in their activities.

As an integral part of the sharing economy, the rental of capital goods is a concept that fits perfectly into this context and can be considered as one of the sustainable, easily feasible solutions for finding machinery and work equipment.

Hand in hand with sustainability, it evolves a digitization process that can help reduce the environmental impact of renting. Choosing to rent machinery and equipment online through easyNoleggio, a sustainable brand, actually means choosing a solution that flashes to the environment.

Sustainability and digitalisation are the cornerstones that characterize the activity of easyNoleggio, which since its inception has wanted to be a CO2-neutral company and have the least possible impact on the environment.

The company has actually decided that offset CO2 emissions using leased machinery and equipment by investing in sustainable projects in collaboration with FirstClimate, a leader in renewable energy and CO2 compensation.

EasyNoleggio bears the compensation costs by trying to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions with greater precision, but it also offers this option to its customers, who can thus at check-out help to offset the emissions of the equipment they have chosen to rent. .

At the same time the process of digitizing all contracts and documentation regarding the rental helps to eliminate a large part of the printed paperwhich is the opposite of the sustainable concepts on which rental is based.

easyNoleggio is aware that these are small forms of support, but wants to be at the center to increase the awareness of the end users of the lease and also do its part to achieve environmental sustainability.

Renting machines and equipment is a choice that brings significant benefits in terms of sustainabilityas the sensitivity of users increases more and more.

The purchase was for years the only way to find work machines in Italy, while the concept of rental is relatively young when it was first introduced in our country in the late nineties.

All too often, rental machines are used in Italy only in case of an emergency, breakdown of own machines or at unplanned work peaks. In recent years, however, the number of companies deciding to rent machinery and equipment as a clear business choice for their business has increased.

Renting machines and equipment, instead of buying them, allows the customer to have and use a car with a few years of life, as these remain in the rental parks for an average of 5 years.

This involves a customer use of latest generation of machineswhich in turn have the advantage of fitting smaller and less powerful but equally efficient engines.

The proliferation of the new Stage V engines and the expansion of hybrid or fully electric machines make it possible to work with equipment that generates less polluting emissions than previous versions.

We want to give an example we can mention the huge amount of emissions generated by a large 30 or 40 year old excavator which is not uncommon to still see at work compared to those produced by a machine that is less than 5 years old.

The design of this type of machine is a product of the manufacturers’ research and innovation, but also of the dialogue with tenants and end users.

In addition to the smaller environmental impact, these new generation machines also guarantee greater comfort for operators who are less exposed to vibrations and noise; spending many hours on these machines therefore becomes less stressful both physically and mentally for the operators.

Another important fact is that rented machines on average are used more than their own, as they are used by several different customers.

The more frequent use allows these machines to maximize efficiency by working at full capacity, reducing working hours as they are only used for the jobs for which they are designed.

This also entails a financial saving as it requires less use in terms of hours lower fuel or recharge costs.

Each machine is designed and built for specific processes, but very often the owned machines are also used for very different operations: Unfortunately, it is common to see excavators used incorrectly for lifting operations. By making use of the bearing, the customer can have the most suitable machine or equipment for the work to be performed and will be sure to perform it safelywithout risking causing accidents due to improper use of the vehicle.

In terms of safety, it is becoming increasingly important that the machines in the rental parks, which are continuously renewed, are of the “intelligent” type, which often leads the customer towards the rental. These machines are able to warn the operator in time in case of malfunctions or irregularities which can result in loss of the efficiency of the machine itself or be potentially dangerous.

Data monitoring allows the operator to analyze the vehicle’s performance during the periods when it is operating properly and when it loses efficiency in order to possibly understand how to get the most out of the machinery.

Rental of machinery and equipment is a sustainable choice for all the above reasons and benefits: the rental cars are on average newer than the owned ones and generate a much lower power as well as tend to be more effective.

Renting with easyNoleggio is therefore an option that gives each customer the opportunity to make their contribution to environmental sustainability.

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