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from Fabrizio Guglielmini

Nearby are the green areas of Ticinello and above all the Campazzo farm. “We have lived in this atmosphere for more than ten years, and during the lockdown, we realized how valuable it was.”

On the ceilings of via Selvanesco looking out to the farmland of Ticinello Park, for their outdoor evenings the condominiums have created Hugo aperitif: prosecco, elderflower and soda to toast during parties that know more about an extended family than about neighbors on excellent terms: three tram stops from piazzale Abbiategrasso, the former industrial complex of Cartiere di Verona in via Selvanesco 75/77 – the southern part of Milan – since 2018 it has hosted around forty families who have created a neighborhood community immersed in the countryside behind via dei Missaglia, towards via Manduria and the famous restaurant Al Garghet.

The first ones appear in front of the entrance murals with the unmistakable style of the graffiti artist, but above all the “street poet” Ivan Tresoldi with its “contemporary calligraphy”. Another “guest” is the PimOff Theater directed by Maria Pietroleonardo: “Drafts of racks for theater in the suburbs and experimentation,” says the protector of prose. Among the attic entrance gardens, Valeria comes to meet us, one of the first residents to arrive here with her family and one of the animators of the joint evenings: “We have lived in this atmosphere for more than ten years, and during the lockdown, we realized how valuable it was.”.

On a warm evening in late April in children they run that are dogs and cats who goes in and out of the apartments, who prepares the dishes (bio) forstarter and who plays at table tennis – «one of the best purchases we have made» – says Valeria and immediately adds «often the evenings are born in an improvised way»: just a few phone calls and everyone’s contribution. Valeria is, in addition to being one of the souls of Selvanesco 75, also a councilor in the large municipality 5, which from Porta Vigentina goes down south towards Gratosoglio and extends as far as to Chiaravalle. Paolo, Valeria’s husband, is a fashion photographer, he travels a lot to work, and each homecoming launches an aperitif: “For many years we lived in a side street to Via Solari in the former workshop of a printing house, but here for the needs of the family ( we had two children) we “expanded” and discovered, in addition to the human side, that we are dealing with a truly sui generis periphery ».

A fact: the occupants of the attic live in symbiosis with the landscape which is close, as Manuela says, she also among the first residents of Selvanesco and teacher of French literature in Vigevano: “We do not have a real Gas (solidarity buying group), but we buy vegetables from the garden for the restaurant Erba Brusca or raw milk at Cascina Campazzo, directly from the manufacturer ». An approach green confirmed by Valeria, who works for Ecoist.bio: “a start-up that covers the whole of Italy and deals with the environment and social inclusion”.

At the same time, they often depart via Selvanesco “Missions” to clean up illegal landfills, unfortunately not uncommon in the area. Equally sensitive to these questions are Maurizio, a business consultant, and Erika, a developmental psychologist with two young children, who bought a house here and arrived there almost by accident: “We were driving around in a car and we noticed the construction site in a former paper mill. ; there were still ceilings for sale.In a short time a group of neighbors greeted us in yard parties which has been going on for years now: a context that has been particularly valuable during lockdown. One of us took turns shopping for everyone and in the outdoor spaces we could live social life in absolute normality, a positive “bubble” ». Other voices are Renato, a carpenter with a workshop at Darsena and Silvia, who has a fashion showroom: “These spaces can be lived at will: either absolute privacy or participation in our evenings; then there are the green areas of Ticinello and above all the Campazzo farm, the gate to the park’s 88 hectares and one of the places we are most happy about ».

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5 May 2022 (change 5 May 2022 | 10.04)

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