Print4All so that label printing goes digital

The business between business meetings at the stands, presentation and demonstrations “in the field” of new products does not stop Milan fair where it runs until May 6th The Innovation Alliance which brings together the four manifestations of instrumental mechanics with their supply chains: Ipack-Ima, Print4All, Intralogistics Italy And GreenPlast. Pavilions are always crowded, more than 30 percent of foreign visitors, for one system hub with industrial sectors linked on the basis of fil red technological innovation, digitalisation and sustainability. News on the exhibition front that yields results beyond the expectations of a return to the presence that sees Italian companies as major protagonists precisely in sectors where innovation is crucial to win the new challenges in the markets.

“At the stand, I met our customers, who came to discover the new products after we had gone to their stand, in an adjacent pavilion, where new products made with our technology are exhibited. This creates a completely winning strength, the logical concept win win between the parts that come together with the whole supply chain, showing a finished machine at the top of its development and the technology used “, Nicola Lombardimarketing manager for Lombardi Converters of Brescia, international expertise of Made in Italy, which exhibits at Print4All is in no doubt about the effectiveness of the format of the event. “Here at the fair, there is concrete proof of that research and development they have never stopped in these two years of pandemic. In fact, the difficulty has enabled companies to achieve one know how ever deeper and more detailed to provide the best equipment and be competitive with the international market and with today’s challenges and problems “.

“We were born as builders of flexographic machines But over the years, our customers have increasingly personal needs for the production of labelsled us to have a vision completely modular from printing technology because it allows, for example, screen printing, hot and cold gold printing, multi-layer labels. Ours is modular machines with many devices having different printing systems to perform any type of processing: from the very simple supermarket label to the more complicated ones to bottles up to the labels used in the multilayer pharmaceutical field.

“At the fair we brought an absolute novelty: the digital modulewith hybrid printing machine that unites flexography and digital motor and offers great versatility: shorter runs, customization, the possibility of much simpler computer processing – explains Nicola Lombardi -. Unit is called Astraand it’s a reminder of “per aspera ad astra“… because it is exposed after two years of effort, with research, development and hard work to find the best technological solutions”.

Astra “signed” Lombardi is truly innovative “because we are the only Italian manufacturers to have our own digital head, not born out of a partnership with another company producing digital heads, but made in our research and development department”. The Brescia-based company had planned to launch it on the occasion of Labelxpo in Brussels, the par excellence fair for the label and printing sector, which with the arrival of Covid was canceled and did not restart due to the war in Ukraine and was moved to 2023.

Thus, The Innovation Alliance with Print4All gave us the opportunity departure from Italy, in Milan, in what is a real reboot: We show the technology where it was conceived and produced, and from here we resume the rise in Europe and in world markets. This thing is very beautiful. As a marketing manager, attending an Italian trade fair also building communication based on exhibiting technology from our own country has a great charm, as does returning to events in presence. There is also a strong symbolic value, “Renaissance“By the sector: starting from Fiera Milano and export, combines the show reality with the communication of the new product on the Internet, through social networks, linkedin, social networks, interviews”.

“Our key markets they are the Arabs, increasingly sensitive to the return of the best European technology, India, the United States and Europe, as we begin to enter the South American market. We do not work with China because there is a different vision than ours: we are highly specialized and technological, we have one very strong quality vision at component level to achieve cutting-edge technologywhile the Chinese are chasing European technology – concludes Nicola Lombardi -. When it comes to innovating and intercepting the needs of markets, Italian entrepreneurs are able to lift their heads, cancel distances, unite markets and provide a picture of security, strength and resilience: We did it. streaming and virtual mini-masses from the company to showcase our technology and reassure our partners. From Print4All we leave without actually ever stopping “.

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