Parisian houses: the all-white ceiling by Guillaume Delacroix

When he looks out the window, Guillaume Delacroix sees a large park where quiet cows and goats graze. anyway Paris, with its noise and glitter it is only a half hour drive from here. “Live in Montreuil it’s wonderful, it’s a place full of stimuli, where many different ethnic groups live together. I dare say the Parisian equivalent of Brooklyn, just a little more rural. Just think that not far from here they built a farm on a piece of land where Louis XIV’s favorite peaches were grown, ”he says.

Guillaume Delacroix portrait
Photo by Luis Ridao

A 38-year-old volcano, Delacroix is ​​a fashion communications professional with an agency representing people like Rimowa, Evian, Sotheby’s and Oliver Peoples. Cosmopolitan son of diplomats and a great traveler, he has considered Paris his home since he was twenty. Since then, he has lived in several apartments, always a little temporary, until he arrived, surfing the Internet, for this unusual loft on three floors, found online: «I saw some pictures and I immediately felt that it was the right place for me. I could have bought it without having seen it. When I can guess the quantities, I immediately imagine the two or three changes that are necessary for the house to realize its full potential, ”he explains. That was exactly how it went in Montreuil, there was no need for renovation, “only a few walls to be removed, a nice layer of white og voilà, c’est tout! Of course, I did it all on my own, “he is keen to clarify.

What is most exciting is division of spacedivided in such a way that many are created small microcosm under one roof: “I liked the idea of ​​a modular house, of a place that can often be transformed, given my passion for the accumulation of furniture and objects. During the first lockdown, when I had a lot of time available, I completely changed the use of I installed a gym on the second floor and added another living room, the one with the two presidential chairs by Jorge Zalszupin and the firewood pile, which then became my smart office, ideal for Zoom calls but also for listening to music and meditating. “. The thought of the house can transform itself depending on the needs, it can be extremely comforting, especially in these times: “Yes. On the second floor there is a living room with a small library, which if necessary becomes my ‘personal cinema’. I have installed some racks and some double face velvet curtains to block sunlight completely and keep the room warm during the winter months. You know there is only one fireplace here and no other source of heat “, says the fearless Guillaume, who also chose a rather spartan way of furnishing, set aside great classics such as. Quaderna bord in the kitchen, designed by Superstudio in 1970, surrounded by timeless Chiavarin stole.

I wanted a modular house that I can transform often, given my passion for accumulation of furniture and objects


After all, “the furniture is almost all year. I find them online or in Barcelona and Brussels, I have my secret addresses. I studied architecture and art history and worked with fashion for 12 years, so every time something catches my eye, it’s because it evokes the new, a shape or a color I have never seen before, ”he explains. Thanks to this flair, combinations are never taken for granted. There fitness center it looks like an art installation, with the right colored tools that match Persian amaranth rug and the half ball for cobalt blue balance while pile of wood of the studio at the entrance immediately gets the status of a piece of design. In his spare time, in addition to playing a lot of sports, Guillaume is constantly looking for furniture and admits that he has a weakness for Italian design: “I love it crazy! It is as if you have an unconscious obsession with your furniture. My wish list on 1stdibs, almost everything comes from your country, ”he says. Who knows about made in Italy he will also be the protagonist of his next project: a castle outside Paris, which he has just completed the renovation of. “I’m starting with the interior, but I’ve already said too much … We’ll be back soon.” We, stay tuned.


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