Nutanix brings hyperconvergence to Elis Training Center

That Eli’s gym was born in Rome in 1965 in the Casal Bruciato district of Rome. Immediately, the center’s attention is focused on the social and occupational integration of young people, as all its activities are based on four pillars: education, teaching, work and sport. From the very beginning, Elis began to grow, first in Italy and then by starting his own business, as an NGO, also in developing countries, until 1992, the year of birth of the CONSEL consortium, which unites around Elis over 100 companies and organizations, of which 30 are listed .

Today, the center is built like a real Campusan entire block where various buildings are located and where training and consulting services are provided, from vocational school to the education in digital engineering in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, which passes through specialization courses, ongoing training and job placement courses requested by partner companies.

Currently, there are approximately 360 users of Elis’ IT infrastructure, as well as thousands of students. The machines are housed in a compatible CED and the staff consists of five specialists, including the IT manager.

Nutanix and Elis, the challenge

Enthusiastic about change

As the traditional infrastructure (server storage) in 2021 reaches the end of its life, Elis decides to try the life experience hyperconvergencesupporting virtual machines (the Elis Campus

Elis Campus in Rome

The needs are growing

Machines also serve Elis to support growthwhich despite the pandemic, or perhaps therefore, had been quite marked in 2021. In parallel with the increase in demand, Elis’ IT felt a need to simplify the management of the architecture and to assemble different storage (disks and SSDs).

The solution

Upon arrival, the machines – three Nutanix NX 3155 G8 nodes – are set up in just 48 hours. “It was all very simple”, says Bacarella, “From the physical connection of the nodes to our network, to the configuration. I was also very impressed with the reduction in the complexity of the wires, which is now really minimal “.

The update is a matter of seconds

“What we liked most”says Bacarella, “Is the ease of integration and administration: The system knows both the infrastructure and the services that use the resources, and everything is kept under control from a single panel. Before, I could not get visibility across the stack, and that meant a significant risk of not updating a component. Now in a few minutes I can monitor and update everything, with a great advantage in terms of security and continuity of service “.

The results

Greater performance and easy administration

With the single, user-friendly administration console integrated in the Nutanix solution, Elis’ IT is now able to “maneuver” the entire infrastructure with just a few clicks and manage computer resources in a simple and optimal way. On the users’ front, the perception of a gear shift in the performance of some of the services provided was clear.

“Compared to before, we have especially improved the problem-solving process”says Bacarella, “In addition to having more easily found the causes of previous malfunctions and bottlenecks. More generally, the ease of administration typical of hyperconverged systems, and in particular the Nutanix solution, allows us to devote more time to strategic activities linked to the satisfaction of our users.

Backup now runs smoothly

ELIS has also drastically improved the backup procedures and maintained the software solutions already in place in the company: “thanks to the Nutanix infrastructure”, says Bacarella, “which allows you to directly connect the disks to the nodes, the backup and restore times have decreased by a ratio at one to ten compared to the previous situation “.

The future

Cloud and disaster recovery is on the horizon

“Thanks to Nutanix’s natural opening to the cloud”ends Bacarella, “We will develop new cloud-based services that integrate them with the local architecture, primarily disaster recovery; more generally, we will acquire remote resources from the major cloud providers and we will be able to connect them to the current infrastructure. “We will certainly also benefit from the easy expansion and agility typical of hyperconverged systems, adding new nodes to the current cluster when necessary.”

The partner

R1 group

“Nutanix’s hyperconvergence has enabled us to work to meet Elis’ technology requirements and goals. We were able to really guarantee stability, usability and work for an increasingly scalable and flexible system “, he claims Roberto Guagliardi-Senior System Engineer R1 Group

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