New Ztl Green area, criticism of the provision rained down

“How nice to talk about Ztl Green Area, it makes you think of a happy oasis where everyone bikes, with wonderful bike paths where there are no more old polluting cars in the historic center as all owners have bought new cars, but not only that, they have also replaced the old boilers that also caused a little bit of air pollution … and so many without polluting cars anymore, because without money to replace them, they happily walk between the public parks and city parks It’s the amazing world that does not exist by ‘Amelie’ Benassi “.

Michela Canovacandidate for mayor of Parma Democratica, plays on the edge of irony for criticizing the new provision on mobility, which was launched a month after the administrative vote.

Parma, Ztl Green Area triggered: what changes from Sunday 1 May

“In a moment of global energy and economic crisis, however, it is right to ask ourselves the problem of caring for the environment and contributing to the planet’s best and to lower fuel consumption. On the other hand, Pnr itself puts the problem of ecological transition in the foreground. But when you read the cumbersome instructions about the Ztl Green Area in Parma municipality, you can not overlook the fact, of a discriminatory nature, that only a part of the population will be conditioned by this great project: the poor. do not own it, and especially the related ones, 35 thousand in the Parma context, who instead often use the car for survival functions.These are those who have an old car and have not been able to replace it, elderly with a pension of 600 euros a month who use it to shop, those who do not have access to credit to buy a new car in installments “.

The new Ztl Green area, Pizzarotti: “It clearly improves air quality”

“And then I wonder if there is a demographic – equity analysis in the catchment area and the needs that are affected, or what kind of assistance can be introduced to those who will no longer be able to circulate. And I wonder what it is. for a sharing was activated precisely with those citizens whom I mostly imagine desperate if they have been able to understand their future with family mobility.So it is not the purpose itself that is missing, it is the planning answers and the alternatives and the help that is lacking, and above all it is the obvious discrimination of social groups, the absolute lack of analysis of the age of the users concerned, their income, their health conditions. Nevertheless, there are important statistical offices in the area. “Let’s use them to understand the impact of the project and not to increase the difficulties that poverty conditions already present,” Canova concludes.

The criticism also comes from Roberta Robertimayoral candidate in Parma Public City: “As usual, the Pizzarotti Administration wears green on the skin of the citizens – he declares – as has already happened with separate waste collection, which most of the citizens have adapted by carefully following the rules in the face of a never reduced waste tax and the announcement that the incinerator will go to full capacity thanks to the supply of waste outside the province.

“How can we ask for drastic abandonment of moving around the city, especially for the weakest groups who can not afford to change cars, and at the same time promote projects that will lead to huge increases in pollution and vehicles, as well as a new land consumption? do our agricultural foods make territorial vocations? “.

“Environmental policy is made jointly, the effort can not be imposed on citizens without a collective and common vision: If the administration is not the first to lead by example, it loses all credibility and is obedient to the logic and interests of a few who will benefit greatly at the expense of citizens’ health and environmental protection “.

“It’s curious to brag and announce, as an extraordinary result, to have been selected as a pioneer city in CO2-neutral: perhaps the outgoing administration and the candidate for mayor Michele Guerra should just announce that they want to play the game to already feel important they want and by whom they should take responsibility for it and unfortunately without success if the overall intervention policy in this area does not radically change course “.

“Criticism is not enough, alternatives are needed, and Parma Public City, which has always been involved in environmental choices, proposes a solution already seen in other cities, such as Turin, which provides a small kilometer detector on the car in transit connected with cameras that make it possible to monitor the entrances of the city’s Ztl areas, allowing a “bonus” of entrances to the center for those who use small cars.Some measures are taken only when concrete and effective solutions for alternative sustainable have already been developed public mobility “, Roberti concludes.

For the Second Parma, led by Marco Adorni“Pizzarotti’s city in motion is a closed city 2.0. This impetuous reform, which limits mobility within the ring road, will force citizens who can not change their car to disrupt their own pace of life: it is a matter of the elderly, the sick , the disabled who use the car to go to the doctor, to the hospital, to the offices and access essential services.We believe that true sovereignty should always start from the bottom of the pyramid, instead of the so-called ‘city on the Way ‘of Pizzarotti closed the metropolitan area of ​​Parma in a revival of Orwell’s big brother. In fact, the new green Ztl is a kind of technological prison with cameras and traffic restrictions that exacerbate the social isolation caused by the pandemic. urban politics with a human face that protects the needs of our citizens and respects the environment.

Power to the people: “At first glance, the green area established by Parma Municipality appears as a kind of dilemma to be solved: By limiting access to some types of cars – mostly old – the measure affects above all the poorer classes in the city, so the administration decided to exclude from the measure citizens with Isee under 19000 euros.An idea that admittedly makes the new Ztl more “fair”, but at the same time limits its scope enormously because the exempt will have no incentive to change their habits and the upper middle class will do exactly as it would have done without LTZ, so are we doomed to “a lot of fuss about nothing”?

Absolutely not. Much more simply, we need a local ruling class capable of playing an ambitious game: making Parma a CO2-neutral city by 2030. How to do that if initiatives like the Green Zone are nothing more than heating panels? We propose a profound strengthening of the public transport system combined with its free use. Once a sustainable alternative to the private car is made available to citizens, the green area – without exemptions, also applicable to the latest generation of electric cars – will be a very effective environmental policy.

And there is more. A municipality can certainly not pursue business policy, but it can send precise and important signals: the electrification of public transport could become the new frontier for a development that finally respects the environment. The game that will mark our time is played on this field. “Those who think they are participating by charging the cost to the popular classes or by proposing purely cosmetic measures would do well to withdraw immediately: bankruptcy is no longer an option”.

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