Muoviti Muoviti project: over 3,600 children involved in Carpi, Soliera and Novi – SulPanaro

NOVI, SOLIERA, CARPI- Despite persistently a complex situation due to Covid-19, which for schools has still led to coming out between closures, quarantines and distance learning, Move Project Move admitted – in the school year 2021 / 2022- extraordinary figures: overcome it beyond 3,600 students involved.

Great satisfaction therefore for the organizers Centro Sportivo Italiano and UISP, who gave birth to this beautiful initiative in 2007/2008 in synergy with the ‘Sport’ Council in Carpi municipality: with the aim of promote recreational motor activityduring school hours, between children aged 5 to 11 in kindergartens and primary schools of territories of Carpi, Soliera And Novi af Modena.

This increase is due to the inclusion of 4. and 5th graders in primary schools: The intention is to extend this pilot project to next year as well.

With i 3650 children involved of which 850 attended 38 classes of 4th and 5th grade – Total 2270 hours of activitythe project has thus overcome, since the beginning, ie 40 thousand young people involved (to be exact 40,650), with a total of 23,446 hours of activity performed.

Really significant numbers for a reality that intends strengthen the concept of sport as a right for alla good that affects health, quality of life, education And sociabilityAnd promote integration of children with disabilities.

THAT 22 instructors no 2 coordinators (Davide Pavesi and Luca Bracci) qualified, enabling the realization of Muoviti Muoviti in fact, they suggested playful activities through various games and mixed routes for the students 23 kindergartens And 14 primary schools: pay particular attention to the problems of integration (including problems with children of foreign origin) and discomfort. Be it physically, mentally or socially.

In terms of Move Move Specialthe part of the project that deals with disability and inclusion, 240 hours of activity were carried out at 18 primary schools in Carpi, which involved about 100 children with disabilities.

But the news is not over: Considering that conditions allow it again, it is May 14 will finally be resubmitted, after 3 years, on end of project party: which will take place from 9 to 12 on the athletics track Carpthat.

The Sports Clubs of the Council of Carpi: here children can experience different sports, such as martial arts, football, tennis, rugby, basketball, volleyball, archery, handball and the various disciplines of athletics. Each participating child receives a gadget donated by the project partners.

The fifteenth edition is promoted by the Council and the municipality of Carpi in collaboration with the department of school policies and with the participation of the sports departments of the municipalities of Soliera and Novi di Modena: with the support of the CR Carpi Foundation and the contribution of the center is Borgogioioso commercial.

This is the comment of the initiators: “We must acknowledge that we have experienced with great satisfaction the enthusiasm and desire to be involved from the schools, which really did everything to be involved in the project. Move Move it is increasingly being configured as a fundamental reality of the territory, and the growing numbers of participants only confirm this. These last years, relentlessly marked by the pandemic and by the periods of absence of sociability and outdoor movement that have characterized it, have shown how important sport is for the formation of the individual, especially in childhood and pre-adolescence. Letting pre-school and pre-school children perform recreational and motor activities therefore also means contributing in a decisive way to their psychophysical well-being, as well as understanding both the rules and the respect for playmates. What is this otherwise, if not education in the highest sense of the word? “. – Newspaper registered by the Court of Modena on 20/2017

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