Municipality of Naples – Children of others: good practice compared to Pan di Napoli

Times in May, June and September.

It is a journey along the paths of hospitality, the three days, which will have as the theme “The children of others” and which will be organized at Pan, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, in via dei Mille 60. The event, which consists of three thematic seminars , bears the name of a publication that for years has introduced territorial services to the theme of hospitality and parenthood in the Campania region according to cross-cutting and integrated criteria. With particular reference to the contribution that Prof. Paolo Valerio still makes today in the affirmation of good practice in the comparison between cultures, the support for parenthood, thanks to this event, is confirmed through Michela Di Fratta and Luca Trapanese in a training room free of foreclosures and cultural interference.

The initiative will be inaugurated on 27 May 2022 and will continue with two other events planned for 21 June 2022 and 20 September 2022. The three sessions take place on Tuesday, the day Gil1, in consultation with Districts 49/52 and with areas N23 / 26, dedicates to the training of couples involved in the “Integrated Adoption Path”, a cross-cutting process aimed at all forms of reception. “Children and young people, very special adoption stories and foster families” will be the title of the meeting on 17 May 2022. From 8.30 to 17.30 there will be interventions from experts in the sector who will share the best practices adopted to improve the performance of benefit minors living in difficult social and family circumstances. To bring their greetings to the participants will be: the Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, the Councilor for Social Policy in the City Luca Trapanese, the Director of the UOC’s Integrated Mother and Child Coordination of ASL Na 3 Sud Luigi Granato, the President of the Assistant Order of Campania Gilda Panico, the President of Campania Psychologist Armando Cozzuto and the President of the Juvenile Court of Naples Giancarlo Posteraro.

Introduction of the work will be Giuseppe Bonino, coordinator of the social area N23 and Franco Arborino, coordinator of the social area N26. Their interventions will be configured as practical and explanatory through Dr. A. Aiello and J. Aliberti, to represent the leadership of the leading municipalities of Nola and San Giuseppe Vesuviano, respectively. 10.30 focus on “Integrated path of adopts: clinical, social and research experience” by Michela Di Fratta, psychologist, psychotherapist, leader of Gil1 Vesuvius East Area of ​​ASL Na3 Sud, Alessandra Aiello, social worker Piano Sociale di Zona – PO programming and management of the social services in the N23 area, Maria Rosaria Del Monte, social worker Gil1 East Vesuvius area in Asl Na 3 Sud. At 12.00 we will instead talk about “the role of social services in the adoptive path: guide, inform, support” with Chiara Fusco, social worker specialist SST Municipalities in Palma Campania and Nola and “Parental dysfunctions: the story of Dario” with Paolina Vivo, leader of SST and coordinator for SST social workers in the municipality of Nola. 12.30 the question on “Foster care: from welcome to social volunteer work” will be addressed with Anna Iovino, psychologist and psychotherapist from the N23 Nola area and the question on “Narration in the intervention group” with Giuseppe Cafariello, psychologist, psychotherapist in systemic relational education.

In the afternoon, however, there will be a reflection on “The couple on the adoptive path: Psychological elaboration” with Angela De Sarno, psychologist and psychotherapist and coordinator. Eq.A. of District 49 of ASL Na3 Sud. The discussion will follow on “Child Neuropsychiatric Evaluation and the Adopted Child’s Special Health Needs” with Cinzia Fico Child Neuropsychiatrists from District 49 of ASl NA3 Sud, on “Tpm and Requests for Adoption: Selection and Matching of Modalities” with Carmen Crovella, Psychologist and Adolescent Psychotherapist in Naples, Annunziata Ferrigno psychologist and psychotherapist for the Youth Court of Naples and again “Group counseling before and after adoption: observing and supporting parenting” with Dr. A. Pianese, psychologist in training, and psychologist and psychotherapist in systemic relational training E. Vitolo.

Another topic will be “The Imaginary Child, the Real Child: Transformational Process in Group Formation” with Alfonso Guerriero psychologist, psychotherapist with systemic relational training and “the role of the community as a caregiver and adoption companion” with Maria Carmela Napolitano sociologist and kindergarten teacher. Last theme “The family pediatrician and the responsibility of the adopted child” with Maria Giuliano, President of the Italian Society of Pediatricians in Campania.

The whole initiative enjoys the protection of Naples Municipality and Nola Municipality, Pan, Naples Juvenile Court, ASL Napoli 3 Sud, Social Area N 23, Order of Psychologists of Campania and the University of Naples “Federico II”. The cycle of seminars will accompany us until September 2022. The events consistently bear the title of a publication among the authors whose name Anna Esposito also stands out. retired, he started a story of professionalism that was destined to grow and continue for a long time.

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