Mission Bambini and Mediobanca together on an increasingly inclusive school (05/05/2022)

Mission Bambini Foundation and Mediobanca Group reunite for an increasingly inclusive school, based on the most fragile contexts: The new project, which brings the two realities together, will involve over 700 children and young people from 40 primary and middle classes from two schools, including the outskirts of Milan, with pedagogical rebuilding of school spaces outside the schools through the creation of a sensory garden created thanks to a company’s voluntary activity promoted by Mediobanca Group. The project also includes psychological and emotional support to students thanks to Mission Bambini Space and strengthening the school’s computer equipment.

The project started from the Arcadia Comprehensive Institute in the Gratosoglio district, with the creation of a sensory garden designed, studied and built exclusively by Mediobanca volunteers. It is a green area that aims to stimulate all 5 senses in children, and thus make them experience the world of nature through scents, colors and tastes. The room, which has been completely renovated, allows you to complete lessons and activities surrounded by greenery, making it possible to activate new forms of laboratory teaching. 25 Mediobanca volunteers were involved: in the design phase with the preparation of the drawing, selection of essences and preparation of the paths between the plants. Finally, a small instruction booklet was made for children on how to maintain the garden.

These activities are part of the Social Team Building, an innovative format created by the Mission Bambini Foundation and aimed at companies to combine volunteer work with companies. Social Team Building allows employees to experience personal enrichment and training with their group of colleagues by performing activities that help create social impact in the local community. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to train cross-cutting skills such as collaboration, communication, the ability to convey appropriate solutions and take responsibility. Social Team Building is carried out in collaboration with Orbita, a consulting company that combines the HR world with the world of architecture and with Solaris – a work and social rehabilitation company. “This new collaboration with Mission Bambini confirms Mediobanca’s commitment to inclusion issues, which in recent years has seen us engaged in various projects aimed at integrating socially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups into the population,” said Giovanna Giusti Del Giardino, group leader . Mediobanca’s sustainability. “Through this initiative, we have also strengthened the companies’ voluntary activities with the active participation of a growing number of colleagues from across the group”.

Sara Modena, General Manager of Mission Bambini, stresses the importance of “guaranteeing everyone the right to study in places that are functional but also beautiful: our children deserve to go to schools equipped with all the tools to learn and be properly trained where it is comfortable to return and where they can feel welcome.We know this is not always possible, especially for students living in difficult neighborhoods with socio-economic fragility.The collaboration with Mediobanca, which I thanks for being by our side again this year, goes in this direction: to pursue a school model that is innovative, technological, inclusive and with attention to the environment ».

Alongside the remodeling of outer space, the project at the Arcadia Comprehensive Institute also provides the opportunity to launch psychological and emotional support activities for students within Mission Bambini Space, a special classroom where a psycho-educational team offers support to students, both individually and in small groups, and group training meetings with teachers. All with the aim of improving students’ well-being by supporting them in recognizing and managing their emotions and thus helping to improve their learning processes. Finally, the project also provides for the improvement of IT equipment with delivery to the Istituto Comprensivo Ermanno Olmi, in the Dergano area, of 8 smart screens, which support students and teachers in the “digital literacy” process that gives the school the necessary means to do it at the forefront from a technological point of view.

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