“Let us restore the feast of the law. Piacenza famous as a cultural promoter, not for sad events “

Last night at the confiscated warehouse “Rita Atria” in Calendasco, the last phase of the administrative training school for the Young Democrats in Piacenza was held on the subject of legality. Davide Mattiello, former deputy and current consultant to the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, who helped provide the evening with a small selection of criminal phenomenology, attended; Mariaelena Mililli, coordinator of the Emilia-Romagna Public Notice and councilor of the municipality of Maranello (Modena), who emphasized the importance of the role of citizens and administrations in resisting and fighting the mafia; Katia Tarasconi, ER Regional Councilor and mayoral candidate at the next administrative authorities, recalling how “a collaboration with ANBSC should start and how there is a need to start projects on assets confiscated from the mafia, projects that are able to intercept the funds made available to Region ER, making them principles and evidence of the culture of legality in the territory “. Antonella Liotti, rapporteur for Libera Piacenza, and Filippo Zangrandi, Mayor of Calendasco, whose administration allowed the use of the confiscated warehouse to carry out the event, also attended. The latter is the demonstration of how effectively it is possible, with good will and constant commitment, to fight organized crime in the areas, and of how the scale of the intervention or the individual gesture does not matter, because any concrete action against illegality helps to strengthen legality in the awareness of how the road is still long and not without difficulties.

“It was an interesting and disturbing meeting to an equal degree,” said Costanza de Poli, a young Democrat candidate for city council and one of the moderators of the event. “It was clearly emphasized that the mafia is not to be regarded as a phenomenon that only concerns the South. Unfortunately, the mafia organizations have also taken root in our territory. I was very impressed by the observation of Davide Mattiello, who pointed out how Italy is the world leader in for anti-mafia regulations and structures.However, what is still lacking in some cases is a general and political culture that is capable of totally rejecting the logic of the mafia.That is precisely why more information on consciousness is needed. “The mafia phenomenon in schools. Seeing the fruits of the victory for the Calendasco community in this sense is encouraging. Together with all the young Democrats in Piacenza, we will continue to fight, in our small way, for this”.

“One of the best tools we have against the mafia is information and education,” said the event’s second moderator, Francesco Lo Parco, also a young Democratic candidate for city council. “For example, Public Notice, together with associations such as Libera, is doing an extraordinary job of training administrators in the subject of legality. Attention to these realities should be unanimous on the part of all administrations. Greater efforts are needed to defend the culture of legality, it is precisely for this reason that we propose to restore the Feast of the Law.A Piacenza of which we can be proud should be known for great events like this, capable of promoting culture, not for the sad legal events which unfortunately, has characterized our city in recent years. “

In conclusion, the Provincial Secretary Gd Andrea Capellini confirms – “I strongly thank the guests for their precious contribution and all those who wanted to follow the event. For us young people who look to politics, administration and our entire federation, the value of legality has always been It has not been a coincidence that there was a will to finish our administrative education school this year with an agreement on this very topic. , as a warning.

Today, the formation of those who want to put themselves at the service of their community is of fundamental importance today. Passion is not enough, it is from us young people that the desire for immersion and knowledge must start … The defense of legality, in this, can not be a negotiating value ”.

Tarasconi: “We want to put legality at the heart of our administrative action”

“Piacenza is not a happy island. Crime, including organized crime, has also affected our territory, which for years was considered immune to certain dynamics. The chronicles of recent months have reminded us of this in a striking and painful way. but the problem has been around for over twenty years. And it is from this clear and honest consciousness that any reflection on legality must start, a theme that we want to put at the center of our administrative action. “

A broad and fundamental question, therefore, what was touched upon and then elaborated on by Katia Tarasconi, regional councilor in Emilia-Romagna and candidate for mayor of Piacenza, who last night attended a meeting organized by the Young Democrats in a particular elected location . : the shed named after Rita Atria in the municipality of Calendasco, confiscated from the mafia and rebuilt. A meeting attended by Maria Elena Mililli, coordinator of the Emilia-Romagna Public Notice (network of local authorities promoting the fight against mafia and corruption), and Davide Mattiello, consultant to the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission.

“Legality is a” high “concept that often risks being perceived as distant, abstract, a bit attached to everyday life – continues candidate Tarasconi – We are all more likely to reject it in the concept of security, which is more down to” earth ” and concerns street crime, neglect, vandalism.Security is fundamental and must be pursued with targeted actions, it must be protected so that citizens do not feel in danger.This is what our police forces do every day and that is what we want to contribute to dealing with people who are ever closer to each and every citizen, such as the neighboring police, but this awareness of proximity can only go hand in hand with the government’s action, which is based on the highest concept of legality and which takes concrete form in protocols aimed at eradicating corruption and criminal infiltration from public life.

Consciousness therefore first and foremost. “In recent years, Piacenza has been overwhelmed by facts that have unraveled troubling situations – emphasizes Tarasconi – Situations that have involved many sectors of our society”. “It is therefore necessary to open a serious reflection as a community, which city – adds the candidate – A reflection that is not limited to formal executive orders or initiatives, but which results in concrete actions such as close cooperation with ANBSC, the National Agency for Seized Assets and confiscated from the mafia, and the launch of projects on these assets, which are also present in Piacenza (there are 52 in the whole provincial area, 4 in the city), and for which projects funds have been made available by the region. these assets it is necessary to open a discussion with the city, a table with the social partners, the third sector, companies.We must act together concretely to give back to society what has somehow been stolen from crime, and we must do so by creating financially sustainable projects that become protectors and testimonies of the culture of legality in our territory “.

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