Interior design 2022: May 5 trends

By looking closely at the projects of architects and interior designers, you can find ideas right to interior design of housing in 2022. Each month, we gather the suggestions and trends that have emerged in home decor, along with a selection of items to decorate the spaces we live in.

Browse through the pictures of interiorsolutions arise, as with declensions And interpretations different, sometimes they come into the common taste. Sometimes it comes to small complements or furniture arrangements that keep the time of one seasonother times it is suggestions that can characterize the style for many years.

Patchwork floors

Inside our houses, it is easy for the flooring to differ from one room to another. The most common diversity is found between kitchen, bathrooms and the other rooms of the house. A feature that is part of the tradition that he prefers for practical reasons ceramic materials in environments where water is used. This distinction has been lost over time given the possibilities of the new materials: today we find parquet even in the bathroom and ceramic it offers a decorative value that can be commonly found both in the living area and in the bedroom. But the possibilities opened up by the technical advances in coatings have also led to a new trend: to mix different finishes to get a kind of patchwork flooring. The best known example is the one that sees the juxtaposition between floor tiles And parquet to separate the living room from the kitchen in case of an open space. But the idea also spread to other circles following the same idea as functionality, that is, to distinguish the zones in the same environment. E.g the entrance in an open house, but also in more intimate areas, such as ai the edges of the bedbecomes an original decorative solution.

Relief wallpaper

THAT wallpaper to the interior, they are enriched with new features that add charm to this decoration of the walls of the house. For in addition to the many collaborations that season after season add new decorative solutions, designs, patterns and the recent resurgence of full-length images, the pleasure of 3D surfaces with embossed wallpaper. This feature is utilized to bring depth to the most varied decorations, both geometric than the more traditional. A solution that is made possible through different technical solutions, which, depending on the case, give different benefits. That vinyl material it is used across, but it is above all the one that has an opaque appearance, especially to have a rendering reminiscent of the stone. That non-woven fabric instead, it has been chosen to have a softer appeal to be used especially with traditional designs, but with a contemporary effect.

Flowering outdoor plants

Able to And June they are the best months for outdoor flowering plants, the ones where they produce a flowering vegetation. The many also come to remind us horticultural events spring weekends, opportunity to buy new plants. The advice is to turn to the perfect summer botanical species for a romantic and relaxed style, created with long stems naturally mixed with the grass bundles and ribbon-like leaves of grass and agapanthus. Among these Verbena bonariensis and Echinacea purpurea they can grow in the ground or as outdoor plants in pots, thanks to a not too robust root system. Both withstand the balmy heat and are summer flowering plants that withstand thermal excursions. Among the flowering plants for shade or partial shade, the Hydrangea they are easy to grow. It is useful to know that in addition to the classic hydrangeas, there are several wild varieties with a bushy habit, with a woody structure, smaller flowers and sparse foliage. The exposed brick walls are perfect to cover with wild roses to grow freely Banksiae lutea with clustered yellow flowers or white Alberian barber. Both grow rapidly and bloom in the heat, starting in May. THAT geranier they never sit down and are ideal for decorating small balconies. It is better to grow them in groups of the same species and play with the different colors of the flowers to give the project a touch of character with a light cascade of leaves of different sizes.

Rattan, inside and outside the home

That rattan and polirattan furniture they have a very defined character and with its unmistakable forms it is directly reminiscent of 70s atmosphere without giving up different interpretations, even in a contemporary key. And if this material, originally natural, above all was born to furnish outdoor spaces, over time it has also come into use in the spaces of the house, and has become a sign that immediately shifts the atmosphere towards taste. retro, romantic and rustic. Today, rattan is mainly used outdoors in its plastic version because it is better resistant to external conditions. These versions of rattan they have a particularly contemporary rendition, above all of the possibility of being colored. There are some icons from the past, such as those in the catalog of Bonacina 1889, which have found new lifeblood thanks to their version in colored synthetic rattan. This new version allows you to frame the furniture patterns and curved lines in this material, typically and clearly in the case of rattan sofasin an interpretation of a garden lounge that meets modern tastes.

Sofas with special shapes

We can rely on complements and paintings, but one couch Give her special forms is the most direct and crucial way to give to one living room one eclectic style. And if the majority of sofas are based on square designs or curved lines with a linear design, there is certainly no shortage of options for those looking for something different. You walk from historical pieces to latest proposal, with very different expressions. The furniture brands offer volumes reminiscent of the more classic lines from which they differ for an important detail. Or padded with a special design that in most cases requires not to be placed along a wall, but physically to take the center of the room and thus attention. Very often these pieces have important dimensions, but there are also choices suitable for small spaces, often with a focus on two-seater sofas.


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