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We start with a look at the projects of architects And interior designer to find ideas for interior design of the home in 2022. Every month we collect the proposals and trends that have emerged in interior design but also ideas for the creation of objects that will decorate the spaces we live in.

From this observation, choices and solutions emerge, as with declensions and different interpretations, sometimes into common taste. Sometimes it’s small complements or events that last the whole season, other times it’s solutions that can characterize the style for many years.

Ante paper

Wallpaper has long since differed from full-wall applications: today we also find it on parts of the wall, framed by elements of interior architecture and on the bottom of bookshelves or even on independent wood panels. A new application is born of this freedom, not just how decorative elementbut also how tool to renew the bedroom and in particular the wardrobe.

An important piece of furniture that is hardly changed. And if it was ever easier to find the wallpaper closed inside the doorswardrobe, today it becomes an external skin for a new life of this piece of furniture. Especially when it comes to old structuresstill solid, but not in harmony with a restyling of the space in which they are located wallpaper becomes an eclectic and flexible solution.

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Frosted glass

In a panorama of houses more and more one open planwhere walls are removed to get airy environments, it is natural that a certain love of light partitions also flourishes as curtains used as curtains for the dining area or a wardrobe, but also and above all glass walls. This material guarantees a free circulation of light and separates spaces. But among its many variations, we find frosted glass, a variant that adds the opaque filter with a light year that never fades.

And while it certainly has its own functionality as a room divider in interior architecture, its features are also used in many other applications. Among the great classics, there are definitely the lamps that utilize the frosted glass for a soft spread of the light sources. But there are also examples of vases (including the latest collection by Ilse Crawford for Ikea), or doors that close furniture from retro taste.

Photo by Riccardo Gasperoni
Photo by Riccardo Gasperoni

Table top sinks

The table sink in the bathroom is the choice that best provides space for compositions of original furniture and open to combinations between different materials. In addition to this aspect, the profile of the washbasin, which rests on a top, also provides a compositional lightness, which instead contrasts with the solutions in which it appears. integrated for decor and disappearsso to speak, between the forms in which it is inserted.

It’s all about the structure it is to be placed on: hanging furniturestructures in masonry up to vintage furniture is complemented by sinks that in addition to the classic finish in white ceramics, they can be chosen in colors and materials that must find a match with the base they want to occupy. The table sink is the key to to add the function of any piece of furniture that is not necessarily responsible for this space in the house.
hay industrial furniture

Industrial furniture

Resort to industrial decor is the practical solution to provide it industrial style in an environment without interfering with coatings and elements of internal architecture. Among those who have made this style their identity, there is certainly the British designer Tom Dixon: his collections of industrial decor they are truly iconic, representative of a style that has its roots in London.

One of the most immediate properties to look at is certainly the materials. Non-precious metals are definitely first on the list. Give her chrome plating of furniture in Rod and even more, al matte black iron with satin finishbut also laminates with thin profiles. As for the fabrics, you can choose the neutrality of the grays, always in most shades cold it is smaller naturalor for those looking for warmer notes, it is advisable to look at brown leather, perhaps in version captain.

Photo willemsefrance.fr
Photo willemsefrance.fr

The month that brings us back to summer is also the time when the urge to bring the green on balconies and terraces back. For the more experienced green thumbs, it will only be the interventions regarding March. But for those who are not a perfect gardener, this may be the moment to decide whether you want to face a new defeat between specimens that do not survive the winter or a scorching summer.

The advice to the latter and to those who are neophytes but want to enjoy the pleasure of the plants is to rely on plants that are suitable for living in pots and are able to withstand. Here’s a guide to finding the resistant pot specimen that best suits the patio layout and the attention you can reserve to plants


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