Subsidiarity networks, structures and telemedicine for territorial assistance on the one hand and innovation, research and digitization of the national health care system on the other. These are the two funding components of “Mission 6” dedicated to the health of PNRR presented by the day-to-day head of the Modena Local Health Authority, Antonio Brambilla, at the Modena City Council meeting on Thursday, May 5th.

The total Pnrr funding for Modena is 45.5 million euros for Ausl and 16.6 million for Aou plus 10.8 million for Aou from the supplementary national plan. After a phase of work involving all the districts of the province, Ausl has defined the plan, which allocates 19.8 million euros to the communal houses, 10.8 million to communal hospitals, 6.3 million for the renewal of major diagnostic technologies, 6.2 million for information technologies aimed at complete digitization of clinical processes in hospitals, 2.4 mill. to Territorial Operational Centers (Cot).

Director Brambilla illustrated the key steps taken in recent months, from allocating resources to defining the company’s organizational structure for implementing the interventions, to completing the individual project sheets with uploads to the Agenas platform for approval. after submitting the technical-health reports for the approved interventions for the region, the next step will be the definition of the so-called institutional development contract and the regional operational plan. After the summer and until the month of December, the interventions will then be carried out, starting with the territorial operational centers; while from 2023 the planning of the workers for Osco and Case della Comunità (formerly known as Case della Salute) was also to be achieved and gradually the installation of the various medical and information technologies.

“Unless further national indications – he confirmed – the four-year period 2023-2026 will therefore see a gradual realization of the various projects, but we are already underway, not only on the technical side, but to share the objectives and functions with the various institutional issues In fact, we face important challenges: to strengthen middle care, improve access to services and the response to welfare and social needs, increase closeness to the citizen, strengthen the connection between local and hospital professionals, for a renewed health service, on in line with the need for care that the pandemic has made more urgent and clear. “

The general manager of Ausl also focused on the projects concerning Modena, a city that will see the construction, with other resources, of two new community houses (Modena Center at the former Estense Hospital and South-West Pole in via Panni at ‘ex Charitas) and hospice Villa Montecuccoli. Thanks to the funding of the NRP, the city will finally have a new Community Hospital in Baggiovara and the province’s Cot Hub.

Finally, with regard to the present moment, Brambilla stressed that “the local health service is coming out of the emergency, if we can say so, taking into account that we are still observing a lot of positivity towards covid and we are taking care of inpatients, Professionals have provided everything in these two years and we are now with a great fatigue of the whole health care system, which adds to the difficulties in terms of staff, not because of covid but because of the lack of recruitable resources throughout it national territory, especially in sensitive areas such as emergency emergencies, or maternal childhoods. possible to return to pre-covid levels characterized by a very high demand for visits and surveys: more appropriate access to services, limited to those who receive are necessary to not deprive those who really need them; it is necessary to immediately comply with oncological screenings, which are the primary way to identify precancerous lesions and tumors at an early stage and to be included in the correct treatment pathways; Finally, it is necessary to inform citizens about healthy lifestyles with the aim of reducing the incidence of diseases related to smoking, alcohol and malnutrition, which are the most common in Western countries. For a long time we have underestimated the importance of prevention, but covid has made us understand that individual behavior is crucial to having a healthy and healthy population ”.

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