Green Island, the deals at Porta Garibaldi Station for Milan Design Week.

An original path for eco-design and botany, too 20th edition of Green Islandduring Milano Design Week (June 6-12, 2022). Important anniversary of the international program Green Island, which has always been active in areas with a strong cultural and urban expansion. In this edition, an unprecedented installation of a flower garden is created, where art, eco-design, crafts are put into dialogue specifically with regard to. atrium of Porta Garibaldi Station, Milan Island.

In cooperation with:

Italian Railway Network (FS Italiane Group); Municipality of Milan; Isola Design District; Bloom & me; Caracol; Kindergarten Coccetti; Antonella De Nisco Studio; Lambrusco Protection Consortium; Artribune.

A path for eco-design and botany, proposed for the 20th edition of Green Island during Milan Design Week (June 6-12, 2022). An important anniversary of the international Green Island program, which has always been active in areas of strong cultural and urban expansion.

In this edition, the unpublished installation of a flower garden will be created for the Atrium at Porta Garibaldi Station, Isola Milano area.

The artistic project was conceived by Claudia Zanfi, art historian and landscape architect, ‘green soul’ from Milano Design Week in zone 9, who states: “Since its groundbreaking birth in 2002, the GREEN ISLAND project aims to bring citizens back to a dimension of greater harmony between urban space and naturalistic space; it is intended to be a momentary reflection on pressing issues such as sustainability, urban green, landscape. ” GREEN ISLAND is the first project to bring design to the streets of the Isola district, networking local and international realities to enhance the territory of artistic workshops
and handmade.

From the revaluation of wild herbs, to the city gardens cared for by the residents of the neighborhood, up to the groundbreaking proposal for urban beekeeping with the creation of the only artist’s apiary in Milan (already winner of the EXPO award in the city), GREEN ISLAND has always developed actions for dissemination and cultural promotion in the field of environmental protection and creative education with the theme of green, sustainability, eco-design.

Also in this 2022 edition, the main character is nature. The installation THE GARDEN OF FLORA
highlights the artistic and botanical aspects of making a project.

FLORA Garden, created especially for Porta Garibaldi Station in Milan, with vegetation grown and selected by Vivaio Coccetti, presents works by Bloom & me, an artistic duo formed by Carolina Trabattoni and Valeria Vaselli. In this garden, Bloom & Me imagines a photographic story where delicate flowers in different shapes interact with the green in foliage and plants.

The lens fixes in the frame a lively, almost tangible botanical dynamic of stems, leaves and buds. Each table reveals ink drawings that trace a parallel world, crossed by the incessant flight of bees during the pollination process.

To these works is added the eco-design installation ‘Monocle’, made with natural materials by Antonella De Nisco. These are very light starches that invite you to direct your gaze, cross natural intertwining, able to filter and modulate light and re-weave space. A path of gazes and materials, for unprecedented visions of places and gardens, to the rediscovery of the intimate feeling established between man and the landscape.

For Milan Design Week, a special project of this 20th edition of Green Island is also the creation of Nido Ape, a series of small hives for solitary bees (osmia), conceived by the CARACOL design studio, an innovative SME in 3D printing. The material used for this particular project is polylactic acid or PLA, a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic that originates from the conversion of sugars of natural origin (beets, corn, sugar cane and the like).

For these reasons, CARACOL has created prototypes for bees with a material that is able to satisfy aspects of biocompatibility with the ecosystem and the environment.

So let’s think about rebirth! Let’s follow the GREEN island path and be enchanted by the power of nature, art and eco-design.

IN COLLABORATION WITH: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italiane Group); Municipality of Milan;
Isola Design District; Bloom & me; Caracol; Antonella De Nisco Studio; Kindergarten Coccetti; Lambrusco Protection Consortium; Artribune.

MONDAY 6 JUNE, 12.00, Pta Garibaldi Station Hall, Piazza Freud, Milan: PRESS

tir, ons, tor, fri kl. 17.00: Guided tours of the garden and ‘Art & Nature’ workshop

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