Graphic design trends 2022: Kinetic typography, anti-design and resography-inspired backgrounds

2022 is in full swing, and it’s time to keep up with the latest trends in graphic design. All in all, people continue to reassess their needs and desires based on the events of the last few years.

Meanwhile, brands are looking for new ways to interact with their old customers and attract new ones. This is where design comes into play as one of the most powerful tools to stand out from the competition, deliver key messages and create emotional connections.

Graphic design trends is an annual research project of Depositphotos, an international content platform, and is also an extension of the Creative Trends Guide. It is a practical way to keep track of the latest changes as well as find new ideas and solutions for your brand or to practice your design.

This year, in addition to the seven trends, we will share their key elements along with examples from our visual archive. We also present data points from our analysis of search queries on Depositphotos.

Graphic design trends 2022: Kinetic typography, anti-design and resography-inspired backgrounds

This trend is a general theme for the entire trend forecast. Everything that is old appears to be new and desirable in 2022. On the one hand, people yearn for the comfort of the familiar; on the other hand, they want important changes that at first seem to be possible for a very long time. And it turns out that nostalgia for a known past and obsession with an innovative future works visually surprisingly well.

Based on our research, the search volume for the keyword ‘retro 70s’ has increased by 63% over the past year, and space-related images have dominated the content we see on social media. Designers will continue to experiment by combining vintage elements from the 70s with futuristic elements.

Key elements: vintage frames, neon colors.

“Doom and Gloom” (literally seeing everything black) is how many people describe the state our world is in right now.

That’s why more and more brands have implemented an exorbitant number of colors. It is an effective way to make everyone happy while achieving creative and business goals at the same time. It is a common rule to use a maximum of three main colors in images, but designers are quick to exceed and incorporate up to five. Bold color combinations and shades are everywhere – on posters, magazine and album covers, branding, packaging and visual social media. The search volume for shades for use as a background has increased by 50%. So consider making your visual identity brighter and more colorful.

Key elements: unexpected color combinations, gradient.

Reaching a global audience is an exciting and complicated challenge. And the question everyone is trying to answer is, “How can we get attention when everyone is so busy and overwhelmed by everyday life?”

Your message is important, but so is the medium and the form it takes. That is why fonts will play a leading role in design in 2022. Typography has never been as experimental and playful as it is now. Designers will no doubt continue to explore new possibilities.

Key elements: large fonts, atypical fonts.

Cassette tape, classic vintage antique nostalgia flat lay on torn colored paper background.

This trend is another direct consequence of everything we have been through. Cultivating hope for the future has been incredibly challenging, so many people have turned to the aesthetics of the early 2000s for comfort, fun and positivity.

Search volume for “pastel pink” increased by 205%. There is no need to reconstruct your entire brand identity, but there are ways to include features from the first millennium to take advantage of the nostalgia effect and cheer up your audience.

Key elements: chewing gum pink, checkerboard patterns, metallic colors.

Brutalist poster design template layout with bold typography and brutal vector pattern with abstract geometric shapes.  Great for branding, presentation, album printing, website header, web banner.

The technology industry, along with our need for a simplified user experience, has made design functional over the past decade. But everything is changing. There is a urge for untraditional choices and personal expression among designers. The search volume for the asymmetric design increased by 325%. And it seems that both consumers and businesses are ready for this step. Consumers feel much more secure using their devices, which in turn sees the need to stand out among the growing number of competitors with similar identities. It’s time to break the rules and push the boundaries of how you approach design, whether it’s a new website, brand identity or makeover on social media.

Key elements: chaotic layout, handwriting, asymmetry.

You may be surprised to see the fonts on this list again. We have already mentioned that typography has played a significant role in graphic design lately. Fonts are becoming more prominent and diverse. Kinetic typography originally came from motion design, but is now also common in graphic design. It allows you to capture the audience’s attention by making images more dynamic and captivating. If you are looking for a way to refresh your brand identity or stand out on the social media landscape, you may want to consider implementing kinetic style in your designs.

Key elements: motion blur, fluid text.

“Risograph” is a brand of photocopying and printing devices known for their grainy appearance. Its aesthetic impact has also reached the digital world and adds a warm human touch to the radiant interfaces. Wallpapers will continue to receive a resography-inspired makeover in 2022. Get ready to see them everywhere, from social media content to product packaging. You better try to get on this train before it’s too late.

Key elements: paper texture, grainy appearance.

The key design trends for 2022 include the combination of vintage vibes and futurism, lots of color and Y2K aesthetics. In addition, some designers will be quick to break the rules and embrace the anti-design movement, while others will continue their experiments with bold fonts and kinetic style. All in all, 2022 will definitely be a fat and bright year. We hope this insight can help you ride these big waves of change and succeed with your design decisions.

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