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In tomorrow’s city council, where the councilor of the league Angelo Macciomei joins, his seat will go to the youngest councilor of the day: Alessio Patriarca, 25 years old, who has not yet completed, who will inherit the delegation from his mentor: the defensified Stefano Gizzi, elected for the first time at the same age

Alessio is first and foremost one good boy. He is majoring in Biological Sciences at the University of Tor Vergata. He has other major interests: he studies graphics applied to medieval art and is also passionate about photography. He is a devout believer and has worked with the parishes for years of the historic center of Ceccano.

From tomorrow, ten days before turning 25, Alessio Patriarca he will be the youngest of the municipal council seats, as well as one of the greenest ever at Palazzo Antonelli. It will step in instead Angelo Macciomeiappointed Councilor for Public Works in place of the defenested Pro-Russian Councilor Stefano Gizzi.

The expulsion of Gizzi, first from the Lega and then from the city council, accelerated a relay race already planned at Carroccio. In comes the first of the non-elected, citizen coordinator in the Youth Association.

Curiosity? He is elected for the first time 25 years old, as happened to Gizzi in 1990: Social movement, ultra-Catholic, politically very incorrect, opposition councilor for five consecutive terms and then cultural councilor in Caligiore 1 and 2: first for four years, before the fall of the mayor, and then for a year and a half, before the definition.

Young Czechs on boarding

Ginevra Bianchini after re-election in 2020

However, the record in the Council remains firmly held Ginevra Bianchini: elected in 2015 only 23 years old on the citizen list Mayor of Caligiore, today city council member. From memory (about others), goes backwards, only the communist Valter Masi he managed to get elected at roughly the same age.

Then it was time for it Daniele Massa (FdI), who joined the council in 2020, when he was 26 years old. Until now, he, provincial president of National Youth and delegate for youth policies, has been the youngest city councilor: Senator Pride of Ceccanese Massimo Ruspandini, of which he is secretary. (Read here A “Mass” of young people that matter. Young people on the right and then here Ruspandini: “My Right also pleases the Communists for its Ceccanesità”).

Tomorrow, Massa will give the baton to Gizzi’s heir. One can say that the student surpasses the teacher. And it may be added that they are the Devil and the Acquasanta. Patriarch will be the new delegate for culture, curated since 2015 by his mentor, now spokesman for a national movement. (Read here Here comes the Council of Caligiore 2 bis. But Gizzi is not standing and watching).

Gizzi and Patriarca: The Devil and Acquasanta

Stefano Gizzi in the “Shaman of QAnon” version, at the time he supported Trump
With his unfinished 25 years, he will be the youngest city council member at today’s meeting, among the youngest ever. How does it feel?

My entry into the City Council fills me with joy because it was a completely unexpected circumstance at this time. I hope to be able to make a significant personal and administrative contribution and also as a newcomer to be able to carry out a careful and respectful effort on behalf of the citizens. I took the service in 2017 and since then my personal experience has been truly amazing“.

He is elected for the first time at the same age as Gizzi was elected. What did the former councilor represent and represent for you?

With great generosity, Councilor Gizzi called me to cooperate with the cultural sector and always appreciate my work. Together with him, I participated as a speaker at important conferences, I set up the Castle Halls, I published Artistic Postcards that were snapped up, not only in Ceccano“.

You are like the Devil and the holy water. Born as a provocateur, she will certainly never burn a book in public, as Gizzi did with the Da Vinci Code.

I have always had a good time with the former councilor Gizzi in the Municipality, perhaps because we have completely opposite personal characteristics. He often speaks with joking hyperbole and paradoxes that are not always understood by others, while I have a reflective, very respectful and without “Gizzi extravagance” character.“.

Patriarch: “Gizzi expressed an opinion”

Alessio Patriarca coordinator for Ceccano Youth League
Of the Council group, you remained only on good terms with the Commissioner deported due to drug addiction. What do you hear about the whole affair, which also landed in Russia and many other nations?

I failed to comment, also because it immediately became an international issue that went around the world. So much has been said about it now, and Gizzi was able to explain his reasons on Italian and foreign television as well.

What if he were to comment now?

I was negatively surprised that it is no longer possible to express an opinion freely, as if the entire articles of the Constitution had been suppressed. The left wing in this affair did not make a good impression. They talk a lot about respect for opinions and democracy, so in practice they are really intolerant

The Delegation for Culture will be entrusted to you. You have already taken care of the preparations for the new rooms in Castello dei Conti in synergy with Gizzi. He delegated and she assistant. Will the roles be swapped?

First of all, as soon as I receive the Delegation for Culture and Heritage, I will have to confront Mayor Roberto Caligiore. He is the head of the administration, and with the delegation I must first and foremost answer him. I am sure that former Councilor Gizzi will be by my side in the elaboration phases of the various cultural initiatives. As I have been loyal by his side all these years. We will be guided by the love of the unique history of our city of Ceccano“.

Culture: current and future projects

The central Piazza 25 Luglio

The most important projects are the ones we have been following for some years. We hope to be able to inaugurate a large and prestigious hall in Castello dei Conti before the end of June. In less than two years, together with Commissioner Gizzi, we have renovated and opened to the public four rooms at the Castello dei Conti, plus the beautiful Cappella Colonna. What a unique result“.

What are the key projects that you want to inherit and carry on? Which, on the other hand, are the ones you intend to suggest in the first person? Yours was, as is commonly acknowledged, also a catch-up job. You have found barred windows, capitals, columns, upper doors, consoles, windows in neo-Gothic style commissioned by Marquis Filippo Berardi. Among the rubble of the wing closed to the public.

A unique work that has returned to the castle all the medieval atmosphere it had lost, and the philological restoration of all the materials found, is increasingly appreciated by visitors. Then we have publications of important works, such as the volume of Carlo Cristofanilli on the history of the Church of San Giovanni Battista, which are now close to being printed“.

What will be one of your first initiatives as a city council member delegated to culture?

Definitely the public display of an absolute rarity: the relic from the Holy Door to the Basilica of Santiago de Compostela, which we got a few months ago, and which will enrich the rooms dedicated to Egidia di Ceccano and her way to Santiago. During the summer there will be other prestigious cultural events, with the presentation of books at the Castello dei Conti“.

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