From diesel to electric, without regret

From diesel to electric, without regret
From BMW diesel to electric, first a Smart and then a DS3 E-Tense, no regrets.
From diesel to electric, without regret. Lorenzo travels 120 km a day to work and is already on his second electric car, a DS 3 e-Tense. It would not go back. Anyone who wants to tell their story can do so by writing to

from Lorenzo Brevi

LI practice on average about 120 km a day. Mainly in the city andMilan’s hinterland, as a representative and repairer of industrial machinery, with some exceptions in the neighboring regions.

The other BMW diesel used by Lorenzo.From diesel to electric: I traveled in a diesel-powered BMW …

The first two used vehicles were resp BMW 120 d also BMW 220 d, of course automatically. Since these are two very similar cars, both the use (work and private) and the costs were the same. When I was a personal car for business, I also did the calculations for “Mileage allowance“Which many will be aware of. The price for both was approx 1,400 eurosin total monthly 2,500 km plenty (on weekends I also used the car to ski, to the lake or to Liguria). In this cost I calculated with precision (blessed be excel) all the costs, from purchase to fuelpasses through tires, coupons, insurance, stamps, etc .. Only admission tickets to ZTL and parking areas were excluded as I of my choice would never pay them.

from diesel to electricityFour years ago the turning point: the first electric, a Smart

About 4 years ago I decided to make a change. And, also thanks to the purchase of a motorcycle and the arrival of the first child with the associated costs – I would switch to electric car. It seems to be a short time ago, but at that time there were not many vehicles and I chose one Smart For two. A choice that can seem extreme. But it was weighted and reflected that I could have a hybrid car for family use, a van for long working distances, a motorcycle for the sake of speed. And what I still consider the best vehicle for a city like Milan. Although in the trunk of my cars, including Smart, I have tools and spare parts for 150 kg.. than on Bmw 220 han “flared”. A change of springs and shock absorbers was necessary, just to give an idea. ORapparently Smartina, with its 160 km illuminated, it had limits in the constant use that I utilized it for. But with a little attention I had to go 150 kmalso go to Lecco and return within the day.

from diesel to electricityFrom diesel to electric: the cost? About a third

Satisfied with the choice, compared to one expense of about 1/3 compared to previous cars (Charterway Long Term Rental price din € 550.00 / month including the replacement of car and winter tires), I considered that the inconvenience of a kilometer limit (although positive for the quality of life) and the use of the air conditioner could be justified. Charging for both years has ALWAYS happened with Schucko cable included, connected to a two-stage socket with reduction. Contrary to what was stated of Mercedes, the electrical system in my garage and my office were not affected in the least (I can say this also considering my skills in the electrical sector for my work). And I’ve never had a counterattack, to have 5 kW divided between garage and residence. Even in the office, the power to recharge the car was therefore corporate 100% deductible. Facilitation that – for sole proprietorships – can not be done on the fuel of the incineration car.

After Smart comes a DS 3 e-Tense

In addition to the financial savings, the concessions guaranteed by my municipality and those visited must be taken into account, for parking lots and ZTLs. At the time of the termination of the lease of Smart, the landscape of electric cars was wider. And also because of Tesla’s still long times, my choice was oriented towards DS 3 e-tense. He guaranteed me a price 10% higher on the monthly fee, a 5-seater car, with almost double the stated km (300). And then I could go back to working 120 km a day. The car was picked up March 5, 2020, symbolic date since the following day, all concessionaires stopped the unnecessary services. Shortly after, Milan went into the sad shutdown, so the car remained virtually stationary for about 2 months. During this period, the finance company will, without any request from me, automatically (and humanly) the rent payments have been frozen. Luckily I did not need this help, but I think it is a nice spontaneous gesture to praise them for.

A Duferco refill, used in LiguriaThe declared autonomy? It is also optimistic in diesel engines

Back to the new post-lockdown normal, I started using my car continuously for both work and leisure. Any trip it was cheaper with DS3 rather than with Toyota CHR (a nice petrol car that boasts of being a hybrid but ultimately costs like a diesel). With DS I went in one day in Turin, and returned without loading. But also in Liguria for a weekend (Savona or Rapallo, recharging at night in one of Duferco available). Or in Bormio for New Year’s Eve (by recharging for free at the hotel). If in the “daily” use and towards the sea, the precautions of using an electric rather simple, perhaps a journey towards a location at high altitude turns out to be more complex. But not impossible for this. I would like to specify a basic concept about the difference between electric or endothermic car. It is true that the stated km are not easily accessible, but it is equally true that not even the 30 km / l indicated on diesel cars are so easy to reach..

50 euros for a subscription against 8 full fuel

Chapter balusters: I had until last month unlimited subscription to the columns a2aplus various cards from other companies. For 30 € / month I had unlimited top-ups at a column that was 1km from home. Is it in less than 2 hours (time to eat, including preparation and “clearing”) recharged the machine with 100%. How many times in your life do you need it recharging 300 km that you traveled in one day? And can not you even give it so little time? When you go on a weekend, you can not order e let it stand overnight after arrival? In 2022, by having an app for everything, you’re so sure you can not to Milan-Bari simply by doing the refills at lunch-dinner-lunch? That would mean expenses € 50 of subscription to the slots, against the 8 (yes, eight) full diesel that I had to make on BMW 135i to travel the same distance“.

from diesel to electricity
The first electrical accident against a van: no explosion …

From diesel to electric, but I’m not Greta Thunberg …

Accidents: only one. And not only did the car absorb the shock perfectly without dropping the dog from the back seat itself (despite a near front at 50 km / h with a red van). But contrary to popular belief that an electric has problems with the battery in the event of an accident, I assure you that no nuclear fission has been created. And no one felt in danger. Maintenance: mainly doing city trips, I made pillows and discs so often that they in BMW saw me on a monthly basis. And then there was other maintenance, tire change, etc … Do you know how much maintenance I had to do on the 2 electric cars? Zero. I add nothing else, if not one thing: the electric car has no limits, we impose on ourselves the limits. PS The next car will be one iX1 or a Tesla3, and I assure you I’m not Greta Thumberg.


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