Foggia, ‘Ugo Foscolo’ school becomes home of ‘Agora of Biomedical Sciences’

Next Friday, the Ugo Foscolo Junior High School in Foggia will be home to the ‘Agorà Biomedical Sciences’. At 5.30 pm in the school auditorium, this important partnership will be launched, which will seal the link between the avant-garde and innovative Dada Foscolo School and the ‘Agorà Biomedical Sciences’ association, the flagship of a continuous flow system created to train young researchers in the biomedical field.

The inauguration will see the presence of dr. Antonio Tucci, President of Agorà Biomedical Sciences and the staff of the nine teachers / department directors in Agorà, are welcomed by prof. Fulvia Ruggiero, Head of the Foscolo-Gabelli School and of his collaborators Prof. Michela Di Pumpo and Prof. Alfonso Filippone. In the presence of the school’s families and students, together with all the students of Agorà, the activities on the biomedical path will be officially presented and its objectives in relation to the collaboration with the host institution will be illustrated in detail. In the same context, the prizes will be awarded with the prizes for the best student of the year and for the best grade of the year.

“It is a great pleasure for our school to have the opportunity to host an expertise such as Agorà Biomedical Sciences. Special thanks go to Dr. Tucci, with whom a relationship of mutual trust and esteem was immediately established, precisely because they share the same goals. and the same vision that we have about the school, it is a school that puts its teaching activity in the perspective of a “research and action” and in the strengthening of talents.

It will be an opportunity for both realities to grow, discuss, share common projects and mutually enrich each other from a human and professional point of view. A school that opens up for innovation is an inclusive school, a welcoming school, a school that enables its students to be able to benefit from everything that is necessary to be authentic citizens of tomorrow, says school principal prof Fulvia Ruggiero.

‘Agora’s Square’, located on the top floor of the institute’s headquarters, will be the site that will host future researchers’ teaching activities in biomedical sciences. “After immediately accepting the proposal from Dr. Tucci, we could only select the classrooms located on the school’s Agorà site to host the Agorà students’ teaching activities.

Agora Square is a place of meeting, sharing, cultural exchange, and it fits perfectly with what is being born thanks to this memorandum of understanding, a two-way relationship that I am sure will lead to good results, all oriented towards the development of skills and talents in all students, ”adds Prof. Di Pumpo.

The physical structure of the school has also gained new connotations, starting with the scientific laboratory. “The scientific laboratory has been made available to Agorà, which hosts all the necessary equipment to carry out the laboratory activities for students of biomedical sciences. A laboratory that will be multifunctional, also to be able to encourage and strengthen our school’s scientific activities.

‘Scientific Microbiologist’, which started this year, actually fits in perfectly with the curvature that the school is starting to take with this project, always in the perspective that research and innovation characterize the winning combination of a school that dares and settles more and more. at the service of their students. And there will certainly be no shortage of shared experiences of mutual professional enrichment ‘, as illustrated by Prof. Filippone

Everything is therefore ready to start a project of high scientific value, which in our Foggia area finds the focal point of a real change flywheel. Therefore, the headmistress Fulvia Ruggiero invites the whole school community in ‘Foscolo-Gabelli’ to participate in this important event together with the whole urban community, which as with full conviction confirms the principal “will always find a place in our reality growth, comparison and cultural exchange from a view of the awareness of being active citizens today and tomorrow. “

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