Erice and Oddo’s soft revolution, mayor of culture

The Pentastellato candidate explains his election project in an interview with QDS and returns to ask for Erice’s consent: “Concrete proposals, enough with political opportunism”

ERICE (TP) – Your program in a slogan? The mayor of culture and therefore Erice, because Erice is culture. Maurizio Oddo’s election project it is connected. The representative of the Five Star Movement aims to shorten the past, more or less recent. Aim for a soft revolution, marked by a significant change. A total challenge. To himself – he ran for mayor also in 2017 -, to the territory because Erice goes beyond its borders and to Erice, who has the opportunity to take a qualitative leap. Oddo is ready to guarantee it.

You have decided to focus on culture. What does this mean in practice?
“For me, it is never easy to‘ say ’culture, and it is not my intention to make election propaganda out of culture. Among the programmatic points that we have been working on for some time, culture is certainly one of the basic elements. Culture fell in all its components from the relationship with the citizens – the culture of the police – to culture understood as art and as education. I am referring in particular to the university, which is – and it could not be otherwise – a serious matter and not a political experiment. At the same time, however, it can be promoted by a sound and serious policy – anti-slogans – which we aim for. In practice, culture is also environment and landscape ”.

Culture is therefore a program. Overall government project.
“Culture is tourism, and Erice must return to being the right destination in a calibrated international circuit; Culture is also cinema and entertainment. We will work to ensure that important events such as Silver Venus return. Culture is also theater, hence the proposal to build a theater in the forest’s magnificent surroundings and arenas under the starry sky. Culture is also geography and territory, which, declined in order to improve archaeological assets, will lead to a strengthening of the paths destined to cross what we have defined Parco del Monte. Culture is also art, architecture, dance, cinema and photography, ie the main themes of a Mediterranean Biennale – with Erice at the center – which claims to be a counterweight to the Venice International Biennale, without rejecting the possibility of nominating Erice as a third party. the pillar of MAXXI in Rome. Culture is also science. it is our desire to be able to strengthen relations with the Ettore Maiorana Center. Culture is economics: Some of the key data that make us understand how culture is a healthy carrier of wealth highlight how the cultural and creative sectors contribute to 4.2% of European GDP. In Italy, the latest Symbola / Unioncamere study estimates that in 2018, before the pandemic, the perimeter of the cultural and creative production system amounted to over € 92 billion in added value. I think Erice has all the credentials to become a pilot. “

Should the EriceArte Foundation be revised? Is presence in the tourist district an option or just a tool for the sub-government?
“I think it’s not a review, but rather a strengthening of relations, should they become necessary, aimed at achieving the ultimate goal, which is to bring Erice to the center of the Mediterranean with the strength of the reasons for civil However, I believe that the presence in the tourist district, instead of representing an opportunity at present, only represents a tool of the sub-government, the need to use marketing tools – in many ways similar to those used to promote, exhibit and sell product on the counter in a supermarket – to make cities and territories attractive, has ended up making all places look alike, albeit just for uniformity. offers, loses its originality. All districts offer exhibitions, festivals, festivals and food- In this context, the role of the main actor, who is the tourist, must be reviewed, a figure that materially influences the territory and the choices of local politics ends up having an important weight. We need to understand what the motivations are for those who buy tourism. At the expense of provoking, in my opinion, it is worthless to participate in BIT in Milan without having defined a detailed tourism program “.

In every election campaign in Erice or Trapani, the question of the new boundaries between the two municipalities comes into play. But there is also another possibility, the one that looks at the territorial dimension that was summed up some time ago in the Great Erice.
“After rejecting the Great Erice hypothesis, if the reference is to the area of ​​Vasta that the outgoing mayor is talking about, the citizens of Erice will, by means of a referendum, establish the merger of Erice with Trapani or the definition of new borders as “Look, they are the sides of the same coin, but based on real and concrete proposals that go far beyond the depths of a small politics. Probably therefore with political opportunism, often moved from the stomach, in favor of citizens’ heart choices”.
Oddo proposes to vote on June 12 with five support lists: “Territori in Movimento”, “Amo Erice”, “Erice Pulita”, “Maurizio Oddo Sindaco” and Psi. Candidate, Oddos, who will have to confront the outgoing mayor Daniela Toscano, Piero Spina and Silvana Catalano.

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