Donna Rosa, the walk that unites men and women, children and the elderly: together on health and inclusion

PORTO SAN GIORGIO – Go Donna Rosa and Half Marathon, May 8, before September 10 and 18: two moments that, thanks to Asd Valtenna, will make Porto San Giorgio the seafront the heart of athletics and sharing values.

We start with Walk, which has as partner Anpof of Fermo, which involves thousands of people, of all ages, along the 5 kilometers. “A ten-year collaboration with Asd Valtenna, we strongly believe in ‘Donna Rosa’, which opens the sport’s warm season. An event that embodies the principles of administration. A city suitable for everyone, families, children, the elderly and the disabled. We are a city without barriers, “said Commissioner De Luna.

The waterfront will be colored, thanks to the bags that, as always, work, sports medicine center for Marco Minnucci. Part of the proceeds from Walk’s membership costs seven euros, which is always earmarked for Murri’s oncology department, where Anpof led by Michela Vitarelli operates. “The volunteers will finally return to the ward to help people queuing for therapy.”

Coni is next to the event. Cristina Marinelli is the head of the province: “A stimulus to the engine of sport, which we know is the first medicine for every person. This is a healthy experience of growth, solidarity and personal and social benefit”.

Rosa is a woman and a woman is Maria Lina Vitturini, chair of the Regional Equal Opportunity Commission: “It is not easy to organize these events, Walk deserves attention for the social role it plays. With the Oncology Department, we have developed two projects: one for psychological support for breast-operated women and one with Politecnica for job placement. Our goal is to stay close to the female world in order to overcome the violence and discrimination that is ingrained in society. We are sure that we will be able to create attention during the walk ”.

For men a white t-shirt with the words ‘Respect women’, the rest of the participants instead in pink, including Regional Councilor Elena Leonardi, chair of the Health Commission, who will participate in the Walk, perhaps along with Councilor Giorgia Latinos. There are three pre-registration collection points: Sport Lab, Cinzia Hairdresser in Molini and Black Pearl in Capparuccia. In the morning at Bambinopoli last minute registrations. For everyone, the t-shirt, including kids, gadgets and bag provided by Works. “At the end of the draw for various prizes, coupons to use for the participants”.

Giampietro Cappella, Asc Sport, is a faithful partner: “Sport, environment, health and tourism meet on a Sunday. We want to arrange events, help with the renovation of sports facilities. We are there, remember every municipality”.

Partner is also Ponzano di Fermo, as confirmed by Diego Mandolesi, Deputy Mayor and Provincial Councilor: “Sport is civil engineering and for this we want to build a sports hall in Capparuccia, but it is above all social engagement. So it is a commitment to be together “with Asd Valtenna, for us it is a guarantee. Among other things, Walk has been a part of Ponzano as a practice for years”.

Nordic walking Valli della Marca led by Renato Vita is a sporty path: “We want to be there too. Since 2016 we have a link to the Oncology Department, as our discipline is recommended for women who have had breast surgery and want to regain the correct movement ”.

In conclusion, Doriana Valori, the soul of the initiative: “The association’s headquarters have returned to Ponzano di Fermo. From there, we move around the area, but it is important to have a place, and I thank Mandolesi for that. With Donna Rosa for 12 years, we have gone for equality and the fight against all violence. Every apartment is useful, including the one for Ecoday in Fermo on May 15, where we walk through the capital’s alleys to send positive messages. “After all, time is a requirement for every person.” We expect this – concludes Valori , looking back to the summer – on 17 September many children in Porto San Giorgio with the involvement of schools, we really need to let the little ones experience sports. There are too many professors who just fill the class. ‘


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