Dole focuses on sports, words (and facts) by Cristina Bambini

The marketing manager explains all the initiatives: marathon, triathlon, football and the Giro d’Italia

Dole Italia runs, jumps, swims and plays football. That 2022 is about sports for the international fresh fruit brand that has supported and will support the major sporting events in running, marathon, triathlon. Not to forget football with support to Atalanta’s activities. A communication linked to commitment rather than sofa use, because with physical activity it is a must to eat well.

A healthy approach that tells Cristina children, Marketing Manager for Dole Italia. “This is the year of the sport. A few years ago at our university in California we had made and published a study that scientifically tested the qualities of banana like perfect fruit for the athlete“. It has always been talked about, but without the official stamp:” A rumor, a knowledge that has been present for some time since all athletes have been used to eating bananas. Our research institute has validated, with the help of all scientific methods, this property thanks to its nutritional properties.

But not only: “It has been discovered that with all the nutrients and antioxidants it contains, it allows reduce the recovery time of the athlete which needs rest after competition, the banana allows you to respond to oxidative stress very quickly. This is the most surprising aspect of the research “.

At the Giro d’Italia with the branded car

Especially at which events are exhibitions invested? “Throughout the marathon world, we’ve already done several, the most important ones, like Naples, Rome, Milan, last weekend Verona half marathon. We resume after the summer, also for weather reasons, with those of Venice and Florence“Communication Dole also sits in the saddle and rides the pedals:” A very important initiative this year will be ours presence at the Giro d’Italia in the month of May. More precisely, we start the 10th with the first stop in Sicily with our own branded car. This is the confirmation that it will be the year of the sport for Dole ”.

Full speed ahead also with Triathlon Team

It differs but does not abandon triathlon as confirmed by the marketing manager: “We continue the sports sponsorship DDS Triathlon, one of the most important Milanese. We follow some guys, they are our ambassadors, and we have the goal bring them to the Olympics in 2024. And then the sponsorship of Atalanta. “Why Atalanta?” A question of territorial roots. We have been present in Calcio, in the province of Bergamo, since 2019 with our warehouse main center for distribution maturation in Italy. We have another center in Rome, but since last year we have moved with the offices to Calcio, which is a connection to the territory ”.

Marketing with Disney

Another promotional strategy is related to Disney: “It will be active until May 29. Our bananas and pineapples with the stickers and the branding requirement. We have dedicated a page of our blog dedicated to the Disney world, with a whole range of games and activities dedicated to the whole family: from children to mothers to creative time. So the contest where you can win Mickey Mouse subscriptions and branded table sets. An important partnership for us, which started this year. Our American cousins ​​have been doing this for about 7/8 years. For us, it is the first and we will take it further. “

Fruit as a snack

The focus is on the young people: “We want to get there, from nnew generations to convey the consumption of fresh fruit within a balanced diet and do it in a playful way. You do not have to eat fruit out of duty, an approach we do not like. We have to get out of this setting because fruit is naturally sweet, it is good, there is fruit for every taste and everyone finds their favorite. Why not consume it as a pleasant snack? “. This is how the invitation from Macfrut reads:” This is the version of the restart that is very exciting. “There is also Tropical Fruit Congress tomorrow, which Dole is a supporter of.

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