Dentists with designer interiors

In the midst of a transition that we could rightly define epoch, the dental offices they give up their cold and “medical” aspect and redefine their image a based on the interior. Forget cold lights, linoleum floors and aseptic treatment rooms, often claustrophobic and windowless, clinics are increasingly accepting places that communicate calm and serenity through style choices that look to a world of spas and hotels rather than the medical world. The basic idea is to be able to turn the visit into a moment dedicated to body care and well-being in general, as an appointment with the beautician or hairdresser. To do it, the designers implement strategies such as choosing natural materials, relaxing colors and creating reception areas with relaxation lounges, where you can sit as in the lobby of a boutique hotel before meeting the surgeon.

Dentist design
Photo by Maira Acayaba

Fresh, clean and airy environments help patients feel comfortable, along with small (large) innovations such as music on headphones or the ability to watch a separate episode TV series preferred during treatment, contribute to general relaxation. Some details such as walls to take selfies or bathrooms with Instagrammable mirrors they capture the attention of the youngest, who unknowingly with their posts and comments on social media contribute to the creation of the new dental mood. The skill of interior designers lies precisely in achieving a perfect balance between irony, comfort and professionalismwithout letting the “scenography” take over the competence of the doctors.


Welcoming environments and controlled prices for more satisfied customers: this is the concept behind Tende, a chain of American dentists that focuses on creating an informal relationship between physicians and patients. To promote fluid, pastel colors and a disrespectfully coordinated image, with portraits of smiling people struggling with the routine of oral hygiene. The operating rooms, bright and equipped with a television to pass the time during tartar ablation and root canal treatments, can be booked online via the app in an intuitive, fast way that eliminates the embarrassment of calling the secretary. In San Paolo, Brazil instead Sou smil is a startup that offers invisible dental aligners and bleaching with a focus on aesthetic treatments. The concepts of joy, transparency, efficiency were taken up by the designers of SuperLimão which in a previous warehouse has defined a space with warm tones and daring transparencies. The laboratory, meeting room, waiting area and doctor’s office share a single large open space, reminiscent of a trendy meeting place.


In perfect Japanese styleat the crossroads between Nordic elegance and Japanese minimalism, Norm Architects Signature Dentist + in Antwerp, Belgium. The choice to use a limited palette of materials, above all light wood and rough concrete, combined with the reception organized as in a luxury hotel, invites people to slow down and take a moment for themselves. The equipped rooms are created inside wooden boxes and immediately convey peace and quiet. In dark wood, more traditionally, the Parisian private clinic designed by JCPCDR architecture. “As a medical facility, the most difficult challenge was to successfully combine the search for heat in the interior with the need to house the machinery and the need to have a very white light so that the surgeons work in the best possible way,” say the architects. There boiserie it winds from the waiting room to the corridors that connect to the operating rooms, hitting small alcove rooms for clients and doors. “To make everything more ‘humane’ and refined on the walls, there is an ever-changing selection of works of art, curated in collaboration with a nearby gallery that also deals with sales. Some iconic vintage furniture completes the ensemble.”


Then there are spaces that are real revolutionary acts. As defined by Raul Sanchez to Impress Dental Studio to Barcelona. With an extremely low budget and following the call to capture a young and smart clientele, the architect utilized the small space on the street in height, creating two small studios and a toilet. To guarantee the privacy of patrons structure in Pine tree, which isolates the medical areas from the two windows on the street. The fresh design breaks away from the codified guns of the doctors’ offices, the use of red is fun, the neon sign is perfect for taking selfies while waiting.


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