Competition 22 is underway

The centenary of the birth and the noble memory of the great architect and designer Vico Magistretti is honored with a two-year delay due to the global pandemic in the red room at Barletta Castle, which starts at 10.30 on May 6 next time.

There Cultural Commission of the Order of the Architecture PPC of the BatL ‘ADI Puglia and the leading lighting company ‘Euroluce Light of Italy‘, a qualified expression of Italian design in the world, pays tribute to the legendary creator of Atollo, the revolutionary lamp designed by the master and awarded the 1979 Compasso d’Oro. Competition 22, open to young students from the 5BL class for industrial design from Liceo Artistico ‘Nicola Garrone’ in Barletta and their creations. The competition opens up the future and to new inspiring energies, involving the very young students of the artistic high school in an exciting challenge for the new lamps, whose projects will be exhibited in the rooms in front of the Red Room “Vittorio Palumbieri” of Barletta Castle, in the presence of the head teacher of the city’s art high school Antonio Francesco Diviccaro, the professors Marco Zezza, Raffaele Sguera and Mauro Antifora and the lighting designer Vincenzo Bafunno, teaching in the project.
The initiative aims at an award to identify the three best projects, of clear and innovative idea, inspired by the most advanced technologies and new materials, also eco-sustainable, by the formal rigor and the modern stylistic school of Vico Magistretti’s luminous bodies. and its lines, ingenious of harmony and horizon.

Born in October 1920, Vico Magistretti studied at the Royal Polytechnic in Milan and with the teachings of masters of the range Gio Ponti and Piero Portaluppi, before leaving our country and the conceptuality of Victorian rationalism and opening up new ways of drawing.
After the war, he had the courage for a revolutionary vision. He created the famous Milanese towers at Piazzale Aquileia, the unusual and visionary Casa Arosio in Arenzano, the urban architecture and the highly imitated pair of stackable tables from 1949, the chairs and sofas, the modern shelving and the unusual modular kitchens, where he always explores new lines.
There presentation of the competition (from 10.30 to 12.30) and the exhibition is part of a real study day in honor of Magistrettiwith a program of great interest that in the afternoon (from 15.30 to 19.30) will unfold in a study seminarmoderated by Vincenzo Bafunno, member of the Cultural Commission of the Order of Architects of the Sixth Province and lighting designer.
After the greetings by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Barletta Municipality, Francesco Alecci, by the President of the Order of Architects PPC in BAT, Paolo Daddato, by the President of the Industrial Design Association (ADI) Puglia and the Basilicata section Guido Santilio, by the same director of the Garrone High School, Antonio Francesco Diviccaro and finally for the chairman of the Cultural Commission under the Order of Architects BAT, Francesca Onesti, many the planned interventions. “Vico Magistretti, Stories from the Archive “by Margherita Pellinohead of the Vico Magistretti Foundation’s historical archive; “The protection of intellectual property: opportunities and benefits for professionals, designers and companies” by Antonietta Majellaro, Director of the ADI Section Puglia and Basilicata; “The simplicity of the project “by Roberto Marcatti, former chairman of the ADI section. Puglia and Basilicata.
The appointment will be crowned there awarding of the three winners of the Contest.22 by the jury, chaired by the CEO of “Euroluce Light of Italy” Michele Losito.

The initiative is organized by the Culture and Equal Opportunities Commission of the Order of Architects PPC in the province of BAT, by Barletta Municipality and by IISS ‘Nicola Garrone’ in Barletta, under the auspices of the Magistretti Archive Foundation, by the ADI Association for Industrial Design and by the firm Euroluce Lampadari Srl of Andria.
Educational credits will be issued to architects (registration on the im @ teria portal).

The study day represents the end of the Path for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO), created by the 5BL class from Liceo Artistico Address Industrial Design, which saw students deepen the theme of light in the universe of design objects.
The design of shapes and lighting techniques is constantly evolving, with today’s society’s constant references to energy savings and home automation solutions, security prevention and strategic architectures for our homes and work environments.
Euroluce has a highly qualified team of designers and architects engaged in the study and research of new lines and bold and surprising responses in the world of LEDs and motion sensors, programmable ignitions and graduations. All this know-how has been made available to students for the realization of their works and supports them with the competence and professionalism of ‘Studio Inproject’, the company’s design studio. The projects thus prepared are the admirable synthesis of this project on beauty and sustainability, environment and protection.
The ‘Contest 22’ competition, created by the consortium of institutions involved in the Euroluce Light of Italy, highlights the privileged and close relationship between the great Apulian company with the artistic and functional development of lighting and with the creative laboratory of young designers of recent generations, so attentive and sensitive to the rapid pace of change, including new materials, in our homes and offices.

Access is only allowed with FFP2 mask.

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