Collector’s item. New sections and great returns for the Brussels fair for modern design

Vanderborght Building_2020. (c) ASSEMBLY DESCRIPTION
COLLECTION DESCRIPTIONthe international fair dedicated to collector’s item design is getting ready to inaugurate its fifth edition. Appointment to 20-22 May 2022 to Vanderborght Building from Brussels.

COLLECTIBLE was founded in 2018 by Clélie Debehault and Liv Vaisberg and is the only trade show in the world that focuses exclusively on 21st Century design. In an attempt to reinterpret the classic format, the fair offers an immersive environment – designed by Paul Cournet – where galleries, design studios, institutions and foundations meet.

By Main sectionto Tailored and to the two curated sections – ESCAPISM And EXCITEMENT! – this year is also included The editorial staffa new section dedicated to the most avant-garde designers at the moment.

Main section

In a spirit of convergence between design, architecture and art Main section it provides space for local and international galleries. Among these are some debuts: Atelier Ecru Gallery (Ghent), GOOD SESSIONS (Istres), Movement club (London), Objects with narratives (Geneva) e TABLE (Copenhagen).

And then the big protagonists in previous editions. Like MANNER, which this year proposes a collective of artists such as Bernard Dubois, Lukas Gschwandtner, Francesca Torzo and Studio Mumbai. Objects with narratives (Switzerland) is instead inspired by surrealism and its greatest Belgian exponent, Magritte. An environment that promises a museum experience, with ethereal features. To compose it works by Lukas Cober, Studio ThusThat, Pietro Franceschini and Supertoys Supertoys.

The interdisciplinary study TABLE (Copenhagen), in collaboration with the Austrian designer Laurids Gallée, combines design, art and botany. Mia Karlova Galleryand instead exhibits the new creations of Sho Ota, Olga Engel, Jesse Visser, Voznitcki and Vadim Kibardin.

GOOD SESSIONS (Sun Bonnet) – Sun Bonnet – 2021 ® Sun Bonnet


Tailored this year it celebrates traditional craftsmanship and precious materials and offers unique pieces from international design studios.

Maximum attention to light experiments of Maarten De Ceulaer (Brussels), proficient in glass processing and proficient in exploiting its colored reflections. That Studio Anton Hendrik Denys (Opvelp / Copenhagen) presents a preview of a groundbreaking collection of lamps made of foam and fully customizable.

A renewed collaboration between DIM Atelier (Antwerp) e Mircea Anghel (Comporta) offers unique pieces made with paper, old posters and wood panels. The project is called Byskov.

Among the other major participants, we would like to point out Muller Van Severen (Ghent), Pauline Esparon (Paris), Study in addition (London), Victoria-Maria (Brussels), Ben Storms (Brussels) e Home + Viladrich Office (Rotterdam).

KRJST Studio – Me╠ütamorphose – 2020 – KRJST studio ® Sebastien Delahaye

The editorial staff

The new department is to be inaugurated 13 desserts (Hyères and Paris), on stage with its latest installation of colorful furniture by French designers Thomas Defour and Clemente Rougelot; French cliché (Paris), which combines historic French producers and young designers such as Arthur Ristor, MYDRIAZ and Basile Boon.

POCKET editions (Paris) exhibits elegant and imaginative furniture designed by Odile Mir in the 1970s and now remodeled by her niece Léonie Alma Mason; TO LEAD (Montrozier) presents handmade works made with precious materials by the French designers Constance Guisset, Eric Gizard and Tawla; finally Theorems editions (Paris), with works by Wendy Andreu, Services Généraux and Exercice.

13Desserts (Thomas Defour) - Crotto - 2022 - lement®Clement Rougelot
13Desserts (Thomas Defour) – Crotto – 2022 ® Clement Rougelot


Berry Dijkstra, Rotterdam-based collector and curator, imagined ESCAPISM as a utopian journey. The exhibition is designed to escape from our daily reality and invites you to discover the universe of designers who explore shapes and materials with the aim of discovering colorful and fresh perspectives.

Between these Soul Ona (Germany), Amber Dewaele (Belgium), Balzer-Balzer (Germany), Barry Llewellyn (Netherlands), Boldizar Senteski (Hungary), Célestine Peuchot (France), Corpus Studio (France), THINGS IN COURSE (Belgium), Elisabeth Baeza (Belgium), Johanna Seelemann (Germany), Johanna Ulfsak (Estonia), Kajsa Willner (Sweden), Lucas Huillet (France), Manifold Studio (United States), Nortstudio (Belgium), Overview (Mexico), Pieterjan (Belgium), Rahee Yoon (Republic of Korea), Sebastian is coming (Germany), Eidola study (Swiss), Joachim Morineau study (Netherlands), Waiting for ideas (France).


Conceived by New York curator, author and entrepreneur Julia Haney Montañez for the 2021 edition of COLLECTIBLE, the project explores how we all, in order to move in our environment, get used to overcoming (or living with) tensions.

The section includes works by independent designers and design studios such as Polina Miliou (Los Angeles), Ara Thorose (New York), IAAI Studio (Berlin), Riwan Coeffic (Paris), Orson Oxo Van Beek (Antwerp), Sabourin Costes (Paris), Pierre De Valck (Ghent), Task Zero (Berlin) e Freia Achenbach (Stuttgart), among others.

Here is the link to the fair’s website.
Clélie Debehault and Liv Vaisberg ® Miles Fischler

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