Building and rebuilding Livorno becomes a school

The inauguration of the Academy with Regional Councilor Alessandra Nardini

The first steps of the Frangerini Technological Academy: immediate outlets for children

LIVORNO. Pasquale Poccianti, the Livorno architect who built the Cisternino di Città, will be pleased to know how the structure, born of his genius, has become the seat of the Ate Foundation (European Technological Academy), which is tasked with creating a new pedagogical reality (Higher Technical Institute) intended to create professionals and technical figures in the world of construction. In this regard, the courses, which were to start in October, were presented by the new Higher Technical Institute in recent days, a school to attend after graduation from secondary schools, which will take place in our city (at the Construction School of Coteto ). The establishment of the fund (composed of representatives of the Municipality, Region and private companies) was necessary for the region itself to achieve ok to start the courses. To gain access to the school, it will be necessary to have a high school diploma and be under 29 years of age. “The training courses – says ATE – are a valid alternative to the university course, they last two years and are divided into four semesters of a total of 1800 hours. And above all, they guarantee a secure professional release in the sector. ” Four addresses: Architectural restructuring, Digitization of construction processes, Construction site management and Innovation for the quality of housing. At the baptism of the initiative, of course at the Cisternino di Città, Mayor Luca Salvetti was present. “The future of Livorno,” he said, “can only go from innovation and development, which, on the one hand, will constitute economic growth for our city and at the same time guarantee a future of employment for our young people.” Then I want to thank the region – Salvetti added – for having identified Livorno among the cities where the school is located ». Then the intervention of the municipal building councilor Gianfranco Simoncini (“Construction in the territorial training program”, which also reiterates the need for growth in Livorno both in terms of economic development and in terms of real employment. Chairman of the same fund Ate Stefano Frangerini (“The relevance of A Higher Technical Institute of Construction in Tuscany “) spoke and emphasized the important historical phase of construction in our country and how Livorno can not lose this opportunity (” The reconstruction and restoration of buildings – he said – can only be a priority for the city “, and emphasizes that he would like to thank the principal and teachers of the Buontalenti Technical Institute for Surveyors for their cooperation in the preparation phase of the courses and at the same time how it will be necessary to work for an information campaign to promote the birth number of the Institute by Rector Cristina Grieco for Miur (“Objectives of the ITS Reform”), by the Director of the Marco Gonzi Foundation (” Formative objectives for the Foundation and the course structure “), by the Vice President of the Designers’ Association Pierluigi Banchetti (” Higher Technical Institute of the Construction Industry: Involvement of the Production Sector “), by the head of the aforementioned Its Buontalenti Alessandro Turano (” The role of the primary school “). The interventions of Grieco, Gonzi, Banchetti and Turano covered the technical side of the discussion, but reached the same conclusions as the “politicians” or the need to consider the birth of technical institutes as a bet not to be missed, under penalty for placing the city in the areas low in employment and development locations. Finally, the Regional Councilor for Vocational Training Alessandra Nardini highlighted how “the identification of the headquarters of the Higher Technical Institute in Livorno is strategic for the recovery of employment in our region. We have come out of two complicated years, and the restoration can only be resumed from, among other things, construction. PNRR and European foundations will help us in this commitment, which, among other things, is similar in other parts of the country “.

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