Baldocchi and the digital spaces: design and creativity in Metaverset

CREMONA – In the digital age works of art live in the cloud, are digital expressions, unique pieces that can reach millionaire awards. The buyers: the rich and widespread young people in Generation Z, the currency to treat them in, the cryptocurrency, the way to use them: the world of metaverse … “Mechanical animals, collection by SodlabStudio” is the proposal from PQV Fine Art Gallery in Palazzo Fodri , tomorrow evening at 19 vernissage, open to the public from Saturday.

“It’s an absolute debut for the city, I think – he says Pietro Quatriglia Venneri, gallery owner -. We will propose eight works in the NFT of Luca Baldocchi, digital art designer by SodlabStudio and a pioneer in the creation of 3D projects between art and design. Her professional career leverages a broad portfolio of significant collaborations with fashion brands and architectural firms. The creative process, spontaneous and free, mixes independent, separate components and arrangements that find harmony and concreteness in the artistic work, and fully express a feeling. All works created by Luca Baldocchi reflect an introspective search for the inner self, represented by a coordinated and harmonious whole of involuntary situations. There will be eight works digitally and with the consideration in practice, the interesting thing is not only the price, which ranges from a minimum of 1,500 euros to a maximum of 25 thousand, but above all that the author of these works is from Cremona. Let’s play, unexpectedly at home, I discovered it while working on the exhibition ».

Among the companies that Luca Baldocchi, digital art designer collaborates with, are Nemo lighting, lighting company founded by Franco Cassina in 1993, acquired by Federico Palazzari in 2012.

Gallery owner Pietro Quatriglia Venneri

In addition to producing some of the most famous works of the masters of the twentieth century such as Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Vico Magistretti and Franco Albini, the Milanese reality creates new contemporary icons in collaboration with world-famous designers and architects.

“For Nemo Lighting, I created a series of digital works whose prices exceed one million dollars says the digital artist -. Furthermore, I have again for Nemo created their virtual museum, my activity is interior design architect and I deal with rendering, hence the idea of ​​developing this subject in an artistic and creative dimension ».

And as Luca Baldocchi speaks, he shows his works on the tablet: the NFT works that drive the art market insane, and which are unique, pieces that cannot be copied and that can reach astronomical prices, not just in the world of metaverse.

“I work with environments, on showcases that I fill with elements of designers, famous lamps, sofas, armchairs of architects that become elements of an environment in a story where I am very often more or less disguised – he explains -. For example, I reinterpreted Nuvola by Mario Bellini and Potence Pivotante by Charlotte Perriand. The result is works of art with psychedelic and pop accents, protagonists of the digital exhibition Not For Today, with which the company inaugurated its Nemo Virtual Museum ».


What Baldocchi will show at Palazzo Fodri is the cycle of eight chameleons: “In the showcases that represent the space where I make my creations work, there are busts, statues seen in the Louvre and reworked, digitally modified – explains he -. Of each work I also produced a real picture 50 times 50 which will be exhibited in the gallery and you can buy and at the same time have the corresponding NFT, next to each canvas there will be a QR code which must be framed to gain access to virtual reality. Let’s say that the works in NFT are the future, but the desire to buy concrete and tangible works has not yet disappeared, among collectors who see the reality of the meta-verse as something that does not belong to them.

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