Access to NoiPA, the electronic identity card for around 56,000 school operators, is on the way

As we have already had the opportunity to point out, the methods of accessing the NoiPA services have changed from 30 April last year.

In particular, to enter the reserved area of ​​the site, it is necessary:

  • Electronic Identity Card (CIE), National Service Card (CNS) or SPID enhanced using a One Time Password (OTP) according to the procedure described on the Personal Area page to access the NoiPA Personal Area to use the device services in self-service mode;
  • National Service Card (CNS) or Electronic Identity Card (CNS)for operators using the consulting and updating features within their own workspace, as described in the “Accessing the NoiPA System” section of the Administrations page.

Main news for the managed

Administrators will be able to use the NoiPA services by accessing the personal area through the digital identity SPID (Public digital identity system), THERE IS (electronic identity card) or CNS (National Service Card).

The use of SPID and, still in the first phase, of the authentication with tax code and password, guarantees only access to consulting services (coupon, single certification, …). To also use these modes for device services in self-service mode, activate the One Time Password (OTP) service on your profile page by logging in with SPID, CIE or CNS. To continue activating OTP, it is necessary to change the password and validate the mobile number. Once these two operations have been performed, it will be necessary to enable OTP on the official NoiPA app. Alternatively, it will be possible to receive the OTP via SMS to the specified mobile number
The OTP replaces both the identification PIN and the “interrupted call” previously required to use the self-service devices.

The procedure for first accessing NoiPA was also redefined.

The new administrators will be able to independently manage the completion of the identification activities on the portal: from the registration e-mail they will have access to the reserved area (using SPID, CIE or CNS) to confirm the e-mail address entered; the correct execution of the operations will be communicated with a specific e-mail message.

No matter how access is needed check and validate the email address registered in the portal.

Main news for operators

For consultation and updating of activities within the applications found in the work area, all operators can only use THERE IS (electronic identity card) or CNS (National Service Card).

Temporary solution for schools

FLC CGIL announced that on 3 May 2022, a video conferencing meeting was held with the Directorate-General for Information Systems and Statistics of the Ministry of Education with the aim of raising the security level of access to NoiPA.

MI informed the unions about the news that emerged after the discussions with MEF. In fact, at the request of the unions, the administration worked with the MEF to allow operators to continue to access the service on a temporary basis without changing the schools’ current functionalities, that is, by using a username and password.

But the Ministry of Economy and Finance did not accept the proposals for more simplified solutions for schools, which were put forward by the main management, despite the fact that they had their own special peculiarity that distinguishes them from all other PA offices..

At present, following the takeover of responsibility by MI’s Directorate – General, you can continue the old way of not creating any bear service at school that can still be accessed regularly.

But in the next few days, security is raised to level 2 and this will only result in access via SPID at the second level.

Then the security must be raised to level 3 and schools will be able to access through electronic identity card, which is only issued by the Ministry of Defense to school staff working at SIDI. This card will contain the digital signature certificate, which is valid for 10 years and will also be valid for stays abroad and as a health card.

MI also requested the MEF that its distribution take place as far as possible at the territorial level by means of offices and offices of the Ministry of Defense (the barracks, etc.). Once fully operational, electronic cards will be distributed to approximately 56,000 school operators using certain features of NoiPA.

The syndicate also asked the schools to issue a clear and timely circular with precise indications to DS, DSGA and administrative assistants who will work with the services in the NoiPA system. MI has committed to sharing the contents of the memorandum – which will deal with the transition phase – with the unions next week with a new meeting scheduled for Wednesday 11 May.

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