This week’s design gallery dedicated to botanical style

While it is true that also with regard to interior design trends hashtags speak, according to TikTok, 2022 will dress the house with plants and flowers. For in the lush green of the trends that emerged from the collaboration between the social network and Airbnb (together they analyzed the most used words on the two platforms between October 2020 and October 2021), the passion for botanical style. Winter gardens, wild balconies and urban jungles seem to seduce the domestic space, so that the rhythm of life is slowed down and goes hand in hand with nature. Thus, while cottagecore celebrates the pastoral life in a leap into the bucolic dimension of locus amoenus more precise and idyllic, that botanical style it also admits chaos. Truthfully, what happens outside the front door replicates, where the landscape grows and transforms, and the plant elements recur between the spaces as a common thread, both in their most natural form, planted, and in the fictional reproduction. Although the hashtag is on TikTok #PlantTok has collected a total of 1.6 billion views, showing accounts that intend to repot, care for and cut orchids, monsters and cacti between living room and bedroom, flourish other decorative solutions that pay homage to the spontaneity of the green.

Flowers wallpaper, printed fabrics and furniture that build their shapes around nature they design a rediscovered way to decorate the house, lush but still sincere. “The Floral Sofa Is Back in Fashion”, it was called a few months ago Vogue an article dedicated to the return of the flowered sofa (not surprisingly, 1stDibs reported a 60% increase in searches for the term). “In the nineteenth century, during the height of the Industrial Revolution, William Morris idealized the English landscape in the decorative design of flora and fauna, heralding a popular and medieval decorative style, now known as the Arts & Crafts movement,” the magazine recalls . “The Victorians, with their conservatories and potted palms, saw floral or nature motifs as a respite from the increasingly gray world outside their windows.” Does that tell you anything? Today is revival of the highly decorated upholstery is again helping to define the botanical style of a potpourri with a nostalgic touch – another trend is not surprising the large millennial aesthetic – which mixes petals and roots, branches and leaves in an ornamental grammar that seems to have the task to cure the wounds left by the outside world. As it happens in the main character’s objects this week’s design galleryIn fact, furniture, textures and vegetable graphics soften the edges of everyday life and soothe home life with nature’s spontaneous textures and implications.

Square – Sahco Evoke 2022

botanical style

Casper Sejersen

“We live in a time where we need to be more expressive and emotionally open, and maybe even allow ourselves to dream,” he said. Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen, design director at Sahco. “This collection encourages the eye and mind to wander and helps create spaces that reflect our personalities and our lives.” The new fabrics and curtains from Evoke therefore include Mirari, a jacquard weave reminiscent of the dreamlike Japanese forests, and Brancusi, a draping with a wet effect, where a series of floating swirls are a tribute to the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși.

Visionary – Wing

botanical style

Moved by the laws of botany, free and wild nature is integrated into the project in the new Wing dining table from Visionnaire. Thoughts from the study of m2atelier, Founded in Milan by Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic, the scenographic dining table brings coziness both indoors and outdoors by embracing the beauty of the natural world in a circular shape. How? Opening of the treetop – by Iroko look to the outside, various essences to the interior spaces – on the sculptural marble base and restoration of a central residence ideal for plants and flowers.

JCP Universe – Agment

botanical style

Courtesy Photo JCP Universe

“A fragment from a distant planet, dissected into two parts, intersects an archetypal plane and conveys a cosmic sense of transformation. Stone and metal come together to create functional sculptures, unique in their essence, that simulate supernatural landscapes.” Thus, JCP presents the Universe Agment, the special console designed by CTRLZAK which fuses a metal structure finished in bronze with a variety of natural elements selected from Obsidian, raw labradorite, raw amethyst and Lapis Lazuli. The result is a unique work with artistic echoes.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi – PreFall 2022

preen bythorntonbregazzi prefall 2022

Ina Lekiewicz

Founded in 1996 by Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi, Preen By Thornton Bregazzi stands out among the fashion houses for its “dark romantic and naturally modern” aesthetics. Accompanied by the fact that it is so out of time, between rucher, ruffles and hyper-feminine details, it is the floral theme that often returns to define the dresses, from long flared dresses to soft chiffon and silk blouses. The noble designs that flash sweetly to the punk, the collections presented by the London company (pictured a shot of PreFall 2022) turn recycled fabrics and lucky pieces into a very valuable wardrobe.

Inkiostro Bianco – Botaniqa

botanical style

Courtesy Photo Inkiostro Bianco

The new Architecture wallpaper collection by Inkiostro Bianco inaugurates the collaboration with, interior design studio by Giulia Delpiano and Corrado Conti. In a search for the beyond, where “the outside is inside and the inside is outside, the above merges with the bottom in a perspective that defies logic”, nature enters the domestic space and becomes an integral part of the interior. Especially with Botaniqa, a lush and romantic canvas invaded refreshed by a rose garden in nuanced tones invades the walls and decorates a high-performance coating.

Tassotti – Flowers in the sun

flowers in the sun of tassotti

Courtesy Photo Tassotti

Bucolic subjects and plant patterns belonging to the world of botany and animals, decayed with delicacy and power, interpret nature as a treasure to be preserved in the new Tassotti collection dedicated to the landscape that surrounds us (pictured, Fiori al Sole). Decorative paper, notebooks and diaries, tickets, boxes and stationery make up a line of Made in Italy handmade items that pay homage to the natural dimension. The FSC certification guarantees the origin of the paper from a forest and a supply chain that is managed responsibly.

The picture above is one of the interiors of La Foleia.

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