The co-founder of Tinder opens the doors to his Los Angeles mansion for us

The perfect room is like a fabulous dinner party: in the guest list there are figures of great charm, each with their particular point of view; the conversation is harmonious, but also a certain dialectic can be pleasant; and then here comes a handful of unexpected edg eccentric characters, so everything is not too “good”. And in this sense The sparkling LA home of the Tinder co-founder Sean Rad and his wife, fashion designer Lizzie Grover Rad, are the hottest spot right now. Crowded with treasuressome of well-known designers, others lesser-known, the house derives its strength from an extraordinary collection of designer lamps and from surprising affiliations, from the interweaving of stories and exciting combinations orchestrated by interior designer Jane Hallworth, among the AD100. In a word, it’s a marvel.

Sean Rad and Lizzie Grover Rad in the living room with Minnie, their Golden Retriever. Works by Mary Corse.

Michael Reynolds production

“Lizzie grew up in Virginia, it’s very east coast. It has a relaxed and smart sensitivity that can get eccentric. Sean is a kid from LA with a more minimalist style, and a bit like a skate is fascinated by the strangest and most sparkling In the house, these very different inspirations intertwine and create one young but sophisticated mood“.

A pachira in a vase by David Cressey in front of an antique Japanese leaf silver screen (Blackman Cruz) in a corner of the dining room.

Michael Reynolds production

The couple’s tastes are best expressed in their decor home office: that of Rad, covered with recycled French oak, seems to have been made for an industrial captain. A giant canvas by Georg Baselitz hangs on the wall behind a George Nakashima dining table, used as a desk and surrounded by objects of Tobia ScarpaPoul Kjærholm, Marcel Breuer, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé. An old Apple II computer from the late 1970s sits on a custom-made wooden plinth, a birthday present from his wife for her 30th birthday, a reference to her background in the tech sector. “For years I worked in hotels and in temporary spaces, I had never had a real studio before, so I wanted to create one that was an inspiration to me and to the people I work with,” says the entrepreneur, now head of Rad Fund, a private investment company.

In Rad’s studio a table by George Nakashima, armchairs by Tobia Scarpa, a daybed by Charlotte Perriand, a bookcase by Pierre Jeanneret and table lamps by Marcel Breuer. The picture is Pawlow and Oslo by Georg Baselitz. Apple II computer from the 70s as a gift from his wife.

Michael Reynolds production

In Lizzie’s home office, on the other hand, hangs a giant disco ball, which the designer has given an aged effect by applying layers of coffee powder by hand together with furniture by Osvaldo Borsani, Gio Ponti, Gabriella Crespi and other creators from green objects less known. It’s all laid out on sheepskin rugs resembling floating islets, purchased from Ikea and Costco. On the wall behind Carl Malmsten’s desk is a painting by George Condo with the title Interacting characters which is the background for his meetings at Zoom. “Sean did not say anything about this room. It was an opportunity to express my maximalist side, ”he reveals.

While most designers usually reserve the best ideas and the most theatrical movements for the main areas of the house, the ones intended for socialization are for the double-height living room, Hallworth has chosen a more discreet approach. The first big piece she and her customers bought to decorate it was one Italian marble well from the 16th century, reclaimed as a vase for a large ficus and decorated with motifs of acanthus leaves, lion heads and other classical ornaments. “I would not have a large light source with a strong impact, it would have absorbed all the energy and all the attention,” explains the designer. “The ficus reduces the size of the room, and the magnificent raw vase creates a beautiful contrast to the silver cocktail table by Vincenzo De Cotiis, it almost looks like a heraldic shield that reflects natural light.”

Of course if you are looking for something more theatrical and fantasticyou will find it in many other areas of the house: in the sensual marble coatings with Rorschach motifs and in the bronze cabinets in the kitchen; in Poul Henningsen’s rare 1930s grand piano, focal point and cohesive element in the music chamber (Rad is a knowledgeable composer and musician); at Carlo Bugatti’s table, at the bar; and in the swirling motion of Studio Drift’s mechanical pendant lights in the hall. But to be surprised there is bathroom rector, magnificently lavish, wrapped in a cocoon of Breccia Capraia marble, with a tub made of a single block and a marble chaise longue placed inside the steam shower, with which Hall worth pays tribute to Le Corbusier’s bathroom at Villa Savoye. “It’s exaggerated, in the most beautiful way,” says the designer with irony. “Jane got me out of the comfort zone. The details, the attention, his refusal to compromise, I respect them a lot, ”says Rad. And his wife agrees: “His audacity is a great inspiration. Jane comes up with crazy ideas, and just as important as the integrity and authenticity of a home is, the story she loves most is the one we create together. ”

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