The boys ‘and girls’ council is a reality

The boys ‘and girls’ council is a reality

The Boys ‘and Girls’ Council is a reality | Macerata municipality

The council for boys and girls in the city of Macerata is now a reality. This morning, the city council actually has approved the resolution to its constitution, starting from the school year 2022-2023, and the disciplinary that dictates the rules of operation.

A great satisfaction

“After more than a year of work, many meetings – he intervened Councilor for Culture and Education Katiuscia Cassetta – we add another goal for the realization of a true city of boys and girls, thanks to Dr. Marzia Fratini’s work and the precious collaboration between all members of the observatory, reference figures in the world of childhood. The commitment to involve the schools and start next year continues now. The ultimate goal will be to get a new vision, a new philosophy in evaluating, planning and designing the city. The road is still long, but the satisfaction is great ”.

One of the observatory’s activities

The Council for Boys and Girls is one of the activities decided by the Municipal Observatory for the Quality of Life of Children and Young People, a body which was activated following the accession of the municipality of Macerata to the regional network “Sustainable cities and friends of children and young people” , A tool for consolidating and sharing virtuous paths under the banner of active citizenship, sustainable mobility and environmental protection.

Advisory body

The boys ‘and girls’ council is an advisory body that provides a different point of view from that of the adult, in the way of seeing the city, between opportunities and problems. It does not in any way want to resemble the city council and will therefore not mimic its constitutional methods, structures and procedures. The council wants to be a response to the provisions of Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and therefore the appropriate instrument through which the mayor will ask the children’s opinion to govern the city.

It meets once a month according to the school calendar, and once a year it meets in the city council to illustrate the work done and make suggestions.


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