Swift Festival: 2022 edition in Cremona

CREMONA – Cremona, in the coming weeks, host of Swifts Festival, an action that is part of the actions that the circle performs Lombardy Region AreaParchi, in cooperation with Oglio Sud Regional Park, the association Living monuments andThe Order of Architects in Cremona, which aims to raise awareness of respect for biodiversity in different rural and urban environments.

By using the “key element” of swift, as a species symbol of the coexistence of some animals in cities, the main purpose of the festival is to communicate to those living in urbanized contexts, the existence of some species which, despite the changing landscape and way of life. conditions continue to live near our houses, in our squares, around our monuments.

Hence the need, even from an audience of professionals in the sector, to broaden the gaze by drawing attention to the elements that could allow man to coexist with these animals that are so important to biodiversity.


Swift Festival is divided into two moments: a seminar in May and a moment of observation and observation in June.

Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 14.30seminar in the Conference Room of the Order of Architects of Cremona (via Palestro 66, Cremona) and via streaming (link available on the website of the Order of Architects of Cremona) with the title Swifts, swallows, house martins and buildings.

The seminar (3 CFP – Credits for Professional Training for Architects) will try to describe the animal species that are in danger in our cities and the possible solutions, also based on the way to build and renovate historic houses and buildings. In this sense, the cooperation and participation of the Order of Architects and the numerous speakers of the sector are fundamental: as a whole, they constitute a plurality of voices and views capable of broadening the gaze of biodiversity and its protection in the city life contexts.

Introduction and introductory greetings by Andrea Virgilio, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Cremona, af Marta VisonePresident of the Cremonas Order of Architects, Alessandro Bignotti, President of the Oglio Sud Regional Park, and Maurizio Ori, Architect and Landscape Designer – Italian Association of Landscape Architects.

The interventions of Gabriele Barucca And Alessandra Chiapparini (Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the provinces of Cremona Lodi and Mantua), di Mauro Ferri (monumentivivi.it), af Eros Zanotti (Magistri Srl), af Martina Spada (OIKOS Srl), af Bassano Riboni (WWF Cremona) and by Guido Pinoli (Lombardy Living Monuments).

To attend the conference in person, it is necessary to send an email to areavasta@comune.cremona.it.

“This conference has great significance in it it compares different actors in the field and representatives of professional categories, such as architects and urban planners, but also each individual citizen, which with its actions can in a concrete way contribute to respect and protection of biodiversity in the context of cities and rural environments. The dialogue that emerges from these events, thanks to the meeting and the mutual listening on environmental issues, thus becomes a common commitment to the protection of our life context and to the protection of the species that inhabit it, also in balance with the architectural interventions. implemented in urban contexts ”, declares Deputy Mayor Andrea Virgilio in this regard.

Sunday, June 12, 2022 from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, at various points in the center of Cremona, moment of observation of the nature of swifts. Citizens who are advised to bring binoculars will be guided free of charge by some experts, which will lead to observation and knowledge of the species of wildlife found in the city., as a symbol of environmental biodiversity and as a key element in the awareness of respect for the species that populate our habitat. Details of the venues will soon be communicated through the local media and on the Facebook page @parchinaturacremona and @Parco Regional Oglio Sud.


Swifts are birds slightly larger than swallows, which only land here in Europe, returning from Africa, to nest. They can live for more than 20 years, and each year they breed only one fry of 1-4 swallows, which as soon as they are flown immediately set course for Africa. Why is monument protection so important to these animals?

Swifts take refuge in building their nests in steeply sloping cavities, under roof tiles, in pontoon holes, in drains, even in the encapsulated shutters. Unfortunately, a misunderstood struggle against the spread of city pigeons is the reason for the general closure of these cavities, often with the animals hatching or breeding. It is possible to adopt selective anti-due measures that will protect these incredible flyers insteadwhich with good reason is considered the flag species for the biodiversity of buildings, because their protection also protects many other species that use similar cavities, such as pale and great swallows, chiroptera, geckos and other small insectivorous sparrows.


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