School, 700 euros in salary increases must be self-financed with cuts in the teacher’s charter

Cuts come in school to self-finance the salary increases for teachers who have to follow the incentive training. Mario Draghi’s decree “Pnrr 2” established the reduction of funds for Teacher card and 11,600 empowerment chairs to fund teacher education, including salary incentives for more and better trained teachers. And if the cuts in the teaching staff by law are not sufficient, we will proceed with the reduction of the ordinary curriculum chairs. The anger of the unions was unleashed over the measure Schoolwhich has formed a device platform published in the last few hours.

The document encourages teachers and Ata staff to mobilize to report topics such as salaries And career to national negotiations and defend them against government cuts.

School, deduction of teacher card to finance salary increases for teachers and competition winners

The news on salaries, training and careers for school teachers is contained in the decree “Pnrr 2”, published in the Official Gazette of 30 April 2022. The provision lists the measures that will move funds from the teacher’s charter to incentive training. To date, the Teacher Charter Fund has a grant of over € 381 million for each year. And it is intended for reimbursement of teachers’ expenses for the purchase of goods or supplies directly related to professional updating.

The cut in the teacher’s charter will in part finance the construction of the new incentive training with fixed fees to the school teachers, including the new teachers who will be winners of the new ones competitions in the school, which must have the new qualification.

New training to achieve 60 points and participate in public competitions

The reduction of the fund to the teacher charter will continue to fund the remuneration of the higher education staff for the management of education at the national level. Reimbursement of the expenses of the Scientific Committee and the President is also included in the planned two million euros.

An additional € 16 million for 2022 and € 50 million for next year will be deducted from the teacher charter fund to pay teachers what they want to do education to aspiring high school teachers to attend public competitions of the school. The training courses will in particular be used to achieve the 60 university education points (CFU) required for the selections. Other training courses are planned to achieve the 20 points (out of the 60 required) of direct internship. Approximately 49 million euros per year will from 2028 be used to fund the incentive training of teachers. These are training courses of three years’ duration, which, in addition to their seniority, give teachers the opportunity to earn a salary (even in advance).

It will start with the optional updates from 2023/2024, funded in the first period by the funds from the National Recovery and Resistance Plan (Pnrr).

School, what will be the fixed salary increase for teacher education?

School teachers who pass the three-year education course (a final exam is expected) will be able to strive for wage increases and fixed incentives. But in the initial phase, the training will be reserved for about 40% of the school’s eligible teachers (equivalent to 280,000 teachers). Given that fully operational resources should not exceed EUR 388 million per year, the fixed remuneration for teachers who pass the training course should be approx. 1,380 gross euros and paid on the payslip as an accessory fee.

The net must be below 700 euros. The remaining part of the resources is taken in from the chair cut: 11,600 will be those reduced by the expansion, distributed over 1,600 seats in the school year 2026/2027 and at 2,000 chairs per year until 2031/2032.

School, requests from trade unions: from teacher and Ata contracts to strengthening school partners

Regarding the school cuts and the “invasion” of the government in matters of exclusive bargaining power, the school associations Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Uil Scuola, Snals Confsal and Gilda Unams today, March 4, 2022, launched the unity platform inviting teachers and the Ata personal for mobilization.

In particular, the acronyms complain about the deduction of competencies from the national collective bargaining negotiations regarding. careers for teachers and Ata and about the pay rules, in addition with staff reductions and funds intended for updating teachers. In addition, the unions are calling for a revision of the current parameters for allocating staff to teacher training colleges and Ata staff. On the two organic, in addition to the request to confirm extraordinary employment for the persistent pandemic and for the reception of students from war zones also for the school year 2022-2023, the acronyms also complain about the lack of clarity about the increase in school partners for 2,288 units according to commitments from the Ministry of Education. The unions would be ready to strike: one of the most likely dates could be next 27 May.


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