Quarto Stato di Pellizza in Florence, cultural workers protest

The Mi Riconosci and BiblioPrecari associations, which represent many cultural workers, oppose the presentation of the fourth property in Florence and ask the administrations in Florence and Milan to really address the issues concerning the work.

Protest i cultural workers for the exhibition of Fourth Stand from Giuseppe Pellizza from Volpedo to Florence: The work arrived on April 30 at the Salone dei Cinquecento in the Palazzo Vecchio after leaving the Museo del Novecento in Milan, its headquarters, for an exhibition inaugurated on May 1 and lasting until June 30. However, the exhibition was accompanied by controversy (our magazine, with an article by director Federico Giannini, was one of the first voices to rise against the operation), this is because in the opinion of many, the review would have no scientific character, and in addition, the counterpart that Florence was to offer Milan in exchange for the loan has not yet been disclosed.

The work, large in size and therefore very delicate, the reason he does not move much from Milan (last time in 2008 to an exhibition on nineteenth-century art at the Scuderie del Quirinale), was also the background for a debate with the mayors of Milan and Florence, Giuseppe Sala and Dario Nardella, and with Labor Secretary Andrea Orlando, held in the afternoon of April 30, right in front of the Opera in the Salone dei Cinquecento. That sector operators however, they immediately challenged the project.

“Not only is the work not involved in any scientific or cultural project, which sets a dangerous precedent in the political use, within the country, of loans of works of art,” he explains Federica Pasiniart historian and activist in the association You know mereminiscent of the 1989 precedent, when Bettino Craxi inquired Fourth Stand as a background for the PSI Congress being rejected, “but it is on display in a place that aims to exploit its message precisely at a time when the two cities involved are struggling with important labor disputes”.

In fact, Mi Riconosci’s activists and activists emphasize how they registered in Florence two strikes since the beginning of the year at museums, archives and libraries, while in Milan a few weeks ago there were 200 workers at museums and civic libraries who have been in agitation in light of the contract change. “Mayor Sala in front of” Fourth Stand “spoke about the need to raise wages,” Pasini continues, “but the workers, who also earn 5 euros gross per hour, have so far received no guarantee of their future: yet is a municipal contract” .

“It’s hard to see this latest advertisement, especially if the helper is an outsourced employee in the municipal culture sector,” he adds Alessio Nencioni, works at the municipal libraries in Florence and activist in the BiblioPrecari group. “People who live on their own skin, every day, wicked choices made within the Florentine administration that do not lift a finger against the chronic precariousness it has created in the services it considers and appears essential. “

The activists and activists are asking the two administrations to “stop shielding themselves from extraordinary work, which has been procured with great popular participation, and really address issues related to the work, starting with municipal contracts”.

Meanwhile, on the first day of the exhibition, there were many visits: the municipality of Florence actually announces that 2198 visitors admired the painting in the Salone dei Cinquecento. In detail, 1146 of these residents came in for free thanks to Sunday underground. The total number is clearly increasing compared to 1 May 2019, when the entrances were 1705 (+ 29%, corresponding to 439 more visitors: so much would have therefore moved Fourth Stand, who apparently on May 1, 2019 was at his museum in Milan). The following years are obviously not comparable, because in 2020 the museum was closed due to lockdown and in 2021 the recordings were reduced due to quota.

In the picture is Fourth Stand at the bottom of the Salone dei Cinquecento

Quarto Stato di Pellizza in Florence, cultural workers protest
Quarto Stato di Pellizza in Florence, cultural workers protest

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