Naples, Bread appointed guarantor of cultural heritage: “We need the cultural adviser”

The figure of Guarantor of cultural heritage and landscape for the city of Naples. A figure established by Regional Ombudsman, Giuseppe Fortunatoand identified in Giulio Rude, former professor of architectural history at the university Frederik II. The guarantor was presented in the Regional Council Chamber in Campania. Pane will perform its task for free. But what will the activity of this new body consist of? “The first guarantor,” explains the professor, “must be the public administration.” We must have the tasktogether with friends and colleagues from the many associations that have so far dealt with cultural heritage protectionto request the administration, to list the problems and ensure that they can be routinely addressed, discussed and, above all, brought to an end within a reasonable time.

Let’s take a risk – warns the Guarantor – Losing European funds: Only 25-26 of the 100 million originally earmarked for the Unesco project to improve the historic center were used. A ridiculous figure. We have gone from the dream of the 750 million promised by Rosa Russo Iervolino’s administration to the reduction to only 100 million for the historic center“. The model to be pursued is therefore” that of a city which Turin or Florence with city life organized in an orderly manner ». “In Naples,” he added, “tourists rightly complain about the lack of services. The general condition of visiting places is left to the individual free initiative. This must be reorganized with public and private intervention ». Due to the absence of a cultural councilor in the council of the municipality of Naples (delegation held by Mayor Gaetano Manfredi for himself), Pane has clear ideas. The power of attorney must be given as soon as possible. The mayor will certainly have the opportunity to intervene and appropriately influence a future councilor. But the department’s autonomy discourse must definitely be defended. It can not be part of a purely political approach. The question is very delicate: the very concept of culture should be revised. It is not a question of talking about entertainment, but of developing an obligation to reconstruct an awareness of the historical identity of this city ».


The Ombudsman, Giuseppe Fortunato, acknowledged the request of various associations for the constitution of this new figure. «The guarantor is the direct representative of the citizen, he must promote his requests and the proposals of the associations; all by mediating with the institutions to finally create a system. The competencies remain with the public administrations, which have a duty to accept our requests ». «The figure of Professor Pane – explains Fortunato – was unanimously identified by all the associations that had appealed to the establishment of this figure. It will be a collegial body open to all experts who will give their disposal ». It will be interesting to see if this new body will be able to act as a glue between the cultural sector common And Territoryin recent days in conflict between them with reference to the resources allocated to San Carlo Theater. “Among the Ombudsman’s powers – comments Fortunato – are there the joint exam that is, to put the different administrations at the same table. In this case the Authority, the Region, the Municipality and why not even the schools. We can not get divided on this issue, especially if we think about the European resources that have been wasted. Naples must be the cultural capital of the Mediterranean ».

The initiator of the conference, Antonio Pariante from the Portosalvo Committeestressed the need to accelerate straight on Management plan for the historic center “Stopped for over 10 years in the drawers of the various mayors since the time of Iervolino”. “It represents the tool that puts UNESCO sites in order and should be the driving force for the real tourist and cultural relaunch of the largest and most important historic center in Europe», Points out Pariante. “Civic associations and committees,” he concludes, “demand immediate use guidelines for the proper management and improvement of the area’s great historical, artistic and cultural heritage in the same way as the great Italian art cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice, which are at the top of the prestigious Inheritance list by the International Body “.

Among the professionals that the Guarantor can use, there will also be engineer and urban planner Luigi Grosso who reiterated “how the spirit of the initiative is to be desperately optimistic, even though it is obvious that culture is not perceived in its true substance, and therefore there was a strong need for this figure”. The conference ended with the intervention oflawyer Gaetano Brancacciomember of the guarantor’s staff and for years engaged as a civic activist with the network of associations together for Naples: «We need to work together to create a digital interconnection table between the bodies responsible for protection and installation of an extensive network of info points for tourists and citizens through historic trademarks; we will also ask to take advantage of the digitization of advertising to promote the city ».

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